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Book Traveling Thursday: Freebie: Eye Candy Cover

houndbaskervillesThe week is flying by, and it;s quite nice as I know that once the weekend is over, I have a week off. I don’t have anything other than getting the house planned. I did some adulting posts (that can be found here) and they have made me realise how much I need to get done and sorted, so this week off is going to be ideal for that!

Catía and Danielle set Book Travelling Thursday up with the intention of choosing a single book to encompass the theme of the week, that changes and is posted on the dedicated Goodreads group found here. 

This week the girls of Book Traveling Thursday have thrown a freebie at us members. I often dislike the freedom of a freebie week, however, I haven’t been doing book traveling Thursday’s for long, so I haven’t done many topics of theirs. So I went back and looked through the previous topics, and found one that I thought was still fresh considering the amount of book blog posts I do. Book traveling Thursdays focus so much on book covers a lot, so I thought I would do their Eye Candy cover topic from July ’16.

I do get drawn in by a good book cover. It’s not so much the cover itself as the message is portrays. For example, any book with some sort of pale colour background, old building and odd script that is mimicking Dan Brown’s book covers is likely to be a high octane thriller-y piece I would take on holiday.

The books I did buy just for their covers, however, were my collection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. I have downloaded e-books of them, and have always liked the stories, but I never bought any hard copies as I already had the e-books so didn’t really need the books themselves. Once I let myself begin expanding my book collection post-uni, I wanted to start collecting the classics. I won an award at university, so it was the perfect time to use the Waterstones gift card prize. I noticed some interesting covers, very bright and colourful with interesting (almost comic-like) artwork.

Pocket Penguin Classics 2008 editions

I bought the first 7 books in the collection pretty quickly once I set my mind to it, but let me tell you, finding the last one was difficult. I couldn’t source it online anywhere, even if I opted to pay to purchase it from Penguin themselves. I couldn’t quite muster up the ability to hit order at the £50 price tag for the only online retailed I had found, so I decided to begrudgingly search charity book shops. Now, let me tell you, I am not opposed to charity book shops and have amassed much of my book collection from such stores, but the point of this collection was that they were a graduation present to myself, so I wanted them to be new mint condition books.

There is a point when you give up this hope though, and I was starting to get more irritated by the incomplete collection than I was that horrendous price tag. Then, after literally years of searching, and a great breakfast with my friend Laura, she dragged me into the local Oxfam. Not only was the book there, the book looked as though it had just been unwrapped and placed on the shelf. I practically ran to the till, and then almost skipped home after finally completing the collection.

There have been so many covers of these books over the years, very classical, movie and TV tie-ins, word cloud editions, literally hundreds of clothbounds and paperbacks, but these were the ones for me.

Now, I know this technically breaks the point of choosing a single book for book traveling Thursday, but I hope you forgive me for sharing a single collection of amazing book covers?

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