Friday Reads: Friday Watches

So, apparently Friday reads is all about announcing what you’re going to read, and then actually reading according to said announcement. I’ve, well, not been reading much lately. And by much, please read only necessary things for work, or frivolous procrastination efforts in the form of articles about Selasi from Bake-Off. I don’t know whether i am struggling with reading because of A Storm of Swords, or I’m struggling with A Storm of Swords because I am struggling with the actual act of reading a book.

So, in replacement of Friday reads, I am doing a Friday watches, which is essentially going to be a celebration of all things Fall TV, and their comebacks. Enjoy!

I do love my books, and they will always hold a special place in both my life and my heart. That said, I really love TV too. I love switching on in time to watch your favourite show, especially amongst friends, or going back to watch something you pre-recorded while you were out. Unlike books, TV goes through distinct phases and seasons. And fall, or autumn, is my favourite season.

Fall, or Autumn, signals the return of everything awesome. Football is back in full swing, NFL season is back, bake-off graces our airwaves, Strictly makes us all want to dance again, all the good shows on TV starting airing new seasons, jumpers and boots are back on the acceptable attire list, and burgundy becomes the trendy colour to wear. And while I love the sport and the dress code, it is the TV I am going to focus on.

Fall TV season is always the greatest release of new shows, and new seasons. All the biggest shows (with a few notable exceptions like Game of Thrones) film their pilots, or their season openers to air at the end of September, early October time. So many of my favourite shows are back: Great British Bake-Off, Strictly Come Dancing, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Elementary, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Criminal Minds, The Fall, The Flash, Suits (which technically started in July but hey ho), not to mention things like Match of the Day! Even Gilmore Girls is getting into the spirit this year and coming back for a special reunion series.

This year, I am taking things one step further in organising my TV watching schedule. Emma has moved in and with her books and DVD’s she has bought a calendar (the family organiser kind). That calendar, combined with my diary, is going to be the main frame for planning shift patterns, activities, and of course, tracking what shows air on which days, This is very important when combining with my marathoning exploits, and of course, actually starting to watch, or getting up to date, with some of the shows above. (Yes, I admit, I have slightly over committed with some shows, but I feel like by Christmas I can be back on track).

So instead of what I will be reading, I’m going to say what I’ll be watching. I’ve already watched (and loved) season 4 episode 1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (which was amazing, Ghostrider was awesome), and I am up to date with Bake-Off, so this weekend is going to be dedicate to Arrow, Gilmore Girls, and of course, the big return of Strictly Come Dancing.

This weekend is also the family celebration of my Gran’s 80th birthday (which isn’t technically until Wednesday). We’ve got most of the family round, and we’ve got big breakfast plans, and family BBQ’s, and of course, a big meal out on Sunday. So while I have big watching plans this weekend, the biggest plans are of course reserved for Gran’s big celebration.

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