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Top Ten Tuesday: Favourites in the crime/thriller genre

tttSometimes I love this sort of theme, and sometimes I hate it, because choosing a random genre can be as difficult as deciding which books to keep and which to oust from the list. Sometimes, a firm TTT makes things easier.

For all you lovely people who don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is, or don’t know how to get involved. click here. The lovely folks at Broke and Bookish team together to produce a book related topic each week, and you simply list the top ten of that topic.

I’ve taken today off, or more like swapped with a friend, so that I can have a day shopping at Cheshire Oaks outlet near Chester. It’s Gran’s 80th birthday coming up, so I need to get some supplies for her present, and it’s getting to the time of year when I can start shopping for boots and jumpers, and keep an eye out for birthday and Christmas present ideas – both for me and other people. I;ve done a bit of shopping for the holidays already because I like to be super organised, but no harm in keeping my eye out for a perfect present.

Anyway, today’s TTT is a general one: Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Books Of X Genre, so I have chosen to do crime/thriller novels. I was going to do children’s books, but I decided I should, for once, steer clear of that topic and delve into another of my favourite genres.

  1. The Double Eagle by James Twining: The was a fresh breath of air in a genre that was becoming a little stale for me. I liked the characters, and I liked the way Twining writes.
  2. The Black Sun by James Twining: Again, Twining came up trumps. This book started my want to travel to see some of Russia. His descriptions of the Hermitage in particular made me want to hop straight on a plane.
  3. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown: Pretty much the most read book in the genre by now, and no matter what my Dad thinks, it’s a good yarn.
  4. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown: This was one of the first books were I started to work out the ending halfway through the book.
  5. The Gemini Contenders by Robert Ludlum: This was the first real book I read, and then first of the genre, and I remember thinking is was exciting and clever.
  6. Sword of God by Chris Kuzneski: I can remember thinking how hilarious it was that these two US MANIACs were smuggling themselves into Mecca. It’s as ridiculously brilliant as it sounds.
  7. Headhunters by Jo Nesbo: There are so many firsts on this list! This was the first Scandinavian book I read as the wave of dramas and novels came to the UK. On the back of it I finally read things like Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
  8. Along Came a Spider by James Patterson: This was the first Patterson book I read, which made me want to go on and read more of his novels.
  9. Jack and Jill by James Patterson: My favourite James Patterson book of the ten plus I have no finished.
  10. Casino Royale by Ian Fleming: I’m not sure this quite comes under this category but I have listed it anyway because it is awesome.

What genre would you do, and whar would be in your top ten? What crime/thriller novels do you like?

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