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Friday Reads: #ReadASOIAF

Today is the first day I have had off in what feels like ages where I have had very little planned. It makes and change, and is definitely needed. It started with a swim, and a breakfast with a friend, with a plan to tidy and read the afternoon and evening away. The word plan is key here, because none of it has happened yet.

I’m still really struggling to get through A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m not sure how much of it is liking, or not liking the story, or whether the problem is more engaging with reading itself at the moment. I suspect it’s a mutually inclusive scenario, so I am coming up with a battle plan. I have got so far with the series, and the readathon now, that even though I am falling (way, way) behind, I don’t want to give up all together. Instead of battling through, losing interest or becoming tired, I am going to try and break it up by reading (and watching) something else as I read the book. Kind of like a reward, or break, system.

I have also been relatively unenthusiastic about finishing the Harry Potter script for Cursed Child. Considering the level of love I have for the Harry Potter series, this does make me think it is as much about the act of reading as it is A Storm of Swords that is slowing my ASOIAF aims. I really need to finish this book. I bought it in South Africa upon release, and read the first half on the plane home. I should be able to just shift through the rest of it.

My good friend Laura gave me a book from her childhood this week. We have a (bad) habit of going into charity book stores and picking up books we probably shouldn’t be spending on. She picked up a copy of The Various by Steve Augarde insisting I must lend it from her and read. She subsequently found her childhood copy, so I have it sitting on my bedside table ready to pick up. This lighter children’s book might be just what I need.

We’ll see how it goes. What are you reading this fine Friday?

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