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Book Traveling Thursday: Foodie

In my determination to both live a life outside of work and my house, and my efforts to try and blog every day in September, I am left frantically attempting to make the deadline for this new (well to me) book meme. Catía and Danielle set Book Travelling Thursday up with the intention of choosing a single book to encompass the theme of the week, that changes and is posted on the dedicated Goodreads group found here.

This week, the topic is good and snacking. It was quite an easy one for me. The task was to find a book where food or snacking was an important part of the story, or that featured heavily within the story. rosie-blake

As someone who enjoys food more than she should, there was nothing greater than picking up a book and finding food, and actual recipes that were relevant to the story. That book (don’t judge me, I know it was rubbish) Is How to Stuff up Christmas by Rosie Blake.

I’m not 100% sure on this next bit, but i think the cover pictured is the only cover that has been released. It’s safe to say the book is by no means a classic or cultural phenomenon, and I would never has read it if it didn’t appear in the seasonal section of a supermarket and I knew work would be quiet enough to read.  I actually like the cover, it’s clever. Not only does it display the seasonal aspect of the book, but the little characters at the bottom are made from gingerbread, and baking is so important in the book that yeah, I like it.

Phew, just made it. What books have you read that featured culinary delights at the forefront?

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