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T5W: Character’s You’d Want as a Family

118368I got into a real routine with my blogging in August, and T5W and it’s great topics had a role to play in that! As ever, the ladies are coming up with exciting and different topics on books, and this week is no different. I’m not sure I would put this week in my favourite topics list, simply because of how broad it is, and how hard it is to limit to 5! Characters you’d want in a family are nearly impossible to narrow down to 5!

If you want to find out more, or take part in, Top 5 Wednesday, click here to find Lainey and Samantha’s
Goodreads page.

Families in fiction can be as crazy and unrealistic as the author wants, which makes them even more entertaining than families in real life. Personality combinations are heightened and exaggerated, and ridiculous back stories added. The only thing better than this is to pick your favourite and craziest characters and putting them together to create and even more dysfunctional family. I’ve put together some people I’d love in my extended family:

  1. Fred and George Weasley: Cousins: I’d hate to have them constantly causing trouble but they’d make fabulous cousins for all of those big family occasions. Not matter what you do they’re going to do something worse!
  2. Matilda Wormwood: Sister: I don’t have a sister, and while it has never been something I’ve wished for, having a book loving sister who could move things with her mind would be awesome.
  3. Sunny Baudelaire: Daughter: If you’re going to have a daughter, a highly intelligent one with an affinity for cooking impressive recipes would be a good one!
  4. Sirius Black/Padfoot: Uncle/Dog: What’s better than getting a mischievous and magic uncle? One that becomes a lovable family pet too.
  5. Gandalf: Grandad: Completely batty, incredibly wise, and well traveled. Good for a long yarn and a crazy firework display.

Who would you put in a literature family?

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