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Book Travelling Thursday: Back to School

CoSI have been enjoying doing book memes for a while now, and stumbled upon this little gem on Emma’s blog, so I thought I would give it a go. Catía and Danielle set Book Travelling Thursday up with the intention of choosing a single book to encompass the theme of the week, that changes and is posted on the dedicated Goodreads group found here.

Now as September is here, the summer is ending, and the students are going back to class, a back to school theme seems the most logical one. Each week, each participant follows the steps set out by the hosts: name a book, explain why you chose it, and show some art work from round the world editions. So, without further ado, my pick for Back to school week is:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter was the first set of books that came into my head when choosing a book set in a high school or college. It is the high school everyone wished they’d went to, and would gladly regress into childhood to attend at any age. I always enjoyed going back to school, I liked seeing my friends everyday and I enjoyed learning, and I feel these two things are captured perfectly by J K Rowling in this book. It also happens to be my favourite one of the series!

The original cover art is both my favourite, the cover-art for the edition I own, and is the cover-art found most commonly in England (pictured above). It is probably the cover that most people think of when you mention the book, and has an iconic scene from the story depicted on the front. This theme was continued on many of the international and non-English editions, which chose to print artwork from important moments from within the novel:

Original US Cover
Original US Cover
Spanish Cover
Spanish Cover
Simplified Chinese Cover
Chinese Cover
Arabic Cover
Arabic Cover






Harry Potter was so popular (well, IS so popular) that new adult and e-book covers have also been released:

Original Adult Cover
Original Adult Cover
cos ebook
E-Book Cover
New Adult Cover
New Adult Cover







What would you choose for Back to School week? What is your favourite Harry Potter cover?

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