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Bout of Books 17: Day 7

bout of books*Sobs uncontrollably into my duvet* Today is the final day of Bout of Books 17, and after yesterday’s wonderful experience during the twitter chat, I am just not quite ready for it to be over!! I know that Bout of Books 18 will fly round, like always, but January 2nd just feels like a long time away right now!

How has Bout of Books 17 been for you? Is it your first time, or have you returned for another go? 


5:00am: Fittingly, it is also my last early start in this run of pre-dawn wake-up calls. I am quite ready to have a normal day pattern back again! I have armed myself with my book once again, not that I have done much reading in work this week. Maybe the revelations and escalations that occurred during my mammoth reading session last night will spur me on?

2:30pm: I have read, hurrah!! And not just a couple of pages like I usually do at work, a good 30 or 40 pages. I’ve also been to work, which was pretty quiet. Not that it is really a surprise, call traffic is never going to be at it’s highest on the Sunday morning of the August Bank Holiday weekend! I also made it home to see some of the Grand Prix, and I’ve made it to my parents after Mum sent a ”Do you want to help us eat the load of pulled pork I’m cooking” email. Of course I do!

6:00pm: I’ve had to put the book down after another 25 pages. My eyelids were dropping and Mum had finished dinner, so I ate half a pig and managed to score leftovers (winning!!). I think it is going to be a super early night tonight!

8:00pm: Classic bedtime problems. I am so tired I can’t stay fully awake to do useful things, but the second I climb into bed I am wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. I think I am going to put some Arrow on, calling it a wrap for the reading, and have an early night!


The last day is done 😦 Oh well, there is always January and Bout of Books 18 to look forward to eh? See you next time!


There was no challenge today, but as it is the last day of Bout of Books 17, I thought I would do  a quick round up of the challenges this week.

I have enjoyed taking part in the challenges, and have successfully completed them all, a personal challenge I set out on day 1. I’ve enjoyed the interaction they’re brought and the ability to feel like I have participated in the readathon when my reading levels were fairly low. I liked the sentence challenge using the first word from different book pages; it was a new challenge and it was a breath of fresh air.

I also set a challenge to interact more on twitter. This was most definitely ticked off on day 6, when I took part in my first twitter chat. This is something I need to do more regularly because I loved it!


Bout of Books Round-up

I’ve had a pretty good week. Bout of Books 17 has reminded me how much I love to read, and how much I love to discuss literature with other like minded book-lovers, While I like A Song of Ice and Fire, I have sometimes felt like patches have become forced reading rather than pleasurable reading, to the point reading became almost a chore. This week has re-opened my eyes!

I’ve loved getting to know more of you Bout of Bookers! I can’t wait for Bout of Books 18! 

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