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Bout of Books 17: Day 3

bout of booksDay 3 of Bout of Books already. I do love Bout of Books, but these readathons really do go too quickly!! After yesterday and the success I had in finishing A Storm of Swords Part 1, I am determined to continue the reading trend and make a good start to Part 2. My good friend Emma is coming up for a visit/interview, so the day will understandably and gladly interrupted by her presence, but even so, I will do my best to get reading, and at least complete the challenge!


5:00am: Yep, you read that posting time correct. I am already up, showered, packed, and about to leave for another day at work. I put Part 2 out last night ready to pick up on my way to the car, let’s hope I don’t leave it behind today! As the summer ends, the drive to work has returned to being in the darkness. It somehow feels like I am getting up and leaving earlier when it is dark.

2:00pm: I’ve finished work for the day, and I am off to meet Emma, my friend, at the station. I have read a chapter of part 2, but that’s it. I feel like it’s not going to rise much while she is here. Arrow and Finding Dory are going to win out (and rightly so in a way!!)

6:00pm: I may have done no more reading, but I did show Emma the main library in the city centre. I was shamelessly using it as a ”look what you would have at your fingertips” selling ploy. I hope it worked.bombed-out-punk-memoir-peter-alan-lloyd-1970s-1980s-punk-new-wave-bands-liverpool-bands-liverpool-central-library-william-brown-library-picton-reading-room-punk-and-new-wave-history-of-liverpool-8

10:00pm: So Finding Dory is not a kids film. It’s genuinely sad and emotional and funny, and I have no idea how kids would find it as funny as adults. Have children’s films always been like this? I now think I can understand how parents tolerated taking children to see them! Annnd….Bake-Off is back! I say this like I have actually properly watched it before. This will be my first time being invested in it, so I have picked my favourites from the outset (Selasi and Benjamina!). As we’re up for Emma’s interview and the Trafford Centre tomorrow, and I was in work first thing, I am just accepting that little reading is happening today!


WP_20160825_17_48_51_Pro (1) WP_20160825_17_48_36_Pro (1)I do love a good shelfie, so today’s show off your book shelf photo challenge is a pretty good one for me. I currently have 2 books shelves. They both have other things on, like ornaments and trinkets on one, and DVDs on the other. Because one set of bookshelves just isn’t enough!


Today has been a pretty good day. It may have involved very few read pages, but I have been to see Finding Dory, I’ve seen Emma, and I have at least picked up A Storm of Swords Part 2!

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