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T5W: Most Recent Additions to Your Wishlist

118368While I am on my lunch at work, I thought I would bash out a quick Top 5 Wednesday, as it has been a few weeks!! I’ve finally started the ball rolling, so here are the Top 5 things that have recently made it onto my wishlist for books to own and read:

  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child J K Rowling: I actually wasn’t sure at first that I would buy this, but then I realised I was just kidding myself, and it has been added to my wishlist.
  2. Black Water Lillies Michael Bussi: I wrote about this in my most anticipated releases, and still haven’t bought it, it’s firmly on my wishlist now as it is out.
  3. The Other Side of the World Stephanie Bishop: I heard about this a while ago from friends down under, and it is now being released in the UK, so it’s creeped onto my wishlist of late.
  4. City on Fire Garth Risk Hallberg: With my love of mysteries, an unsolved shooting and 9 entwining characters is always going to be on the wishlist.
  5. All About the Hype Paige Toon: I’ve read all the other books about the Jefferson’s, so the next installment is naturally on my list.

What is on your wishlist?

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