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Top Ten Tuesday: Books set outside of the US

toptentuesdayIt’s been a while….again. Sometimes I feel like a broken record saying that!! I’ve been really busy recently, taking on (possibly silly) hours of overtime, and planning my holiday to South Africa and Zimbabwe. I can’t quite believe we leave on Sunday! I’ve been getting into a bit more of a groove in my house now, and I’ve been reading with a bit more regularity as well! Only taken 6 months!

This week we have a TTT that is just made for us Brits. So many great books are set in the UK, and Europe, and well just outside the UK, so this is ideal to celebrate authors who write about more than just the States (even though many great books are set there too!). I’ve tried to spread it around a bit and find a different country for each one. I also refrained from putting things in here that take place in their own world with little or no reference to a country on Earth! I read quite a lot of non-US based literature, however much of it is very UK based, so finding different books from different countries took a little bit of thought. Here goes:

  1. Headhunters Jo Nesbo: Norway/Denmark: Such a good thriller from Scandanavia that was the first book I read in the emerging genre of Nordic crime.
  2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Steigg Larsson: Sweden: Once I finally got round to reading it, this book was superb. Salander has since become one of my favourite characters.
  3. Angels and Demons Dan Brown: Vatican City: I do love a fast paced book, even if it is not the best written novel, and this one flies round the Vatican.
  4. Harry Potter J K Rowling: UK: I don’t feel this one needs much explanation, I’m just glad that as a Brit we can claim this.
  5. Pictures of Lily Paige Toon: Australia: This is one of my favourite Paige Toon novels, and is set in different area of Australia, from Perth to Sydnet
  6. Out of the Blue Belinda Jones: Greece: This book makes me want to go on holiday, and go to Greece. I can almost feel the sun and hear the waves from here.
  7. The Constant Gardener John Le Carré: Kenya: A lot more serious than most entries on here, but none the less, it is a great book that takes you into a lesser known area of the world
  8. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas John Boyne: Poland/Germany: This book starts in berlin but goes to a concentration camp based upon Auschwitz. An incredibly moving and thought insipring book.
  9. P.S. I Love You Cecilia Ahern: Ireland: While I am not a huge fan of the movie, the book is pleasant and takes you on a tour of Ireland.
  10. Slinki Malinki Lynley Dodd: New Zealand: These children’s stories make me think of days at my Gran’s reading about the cat at Donaldson’s Dairy….ahh, good memories!!

Do you read many books based outside of the US? What are your favourites?

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