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Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Release for July-December

toptentuesdayThis week, I have remembered to actually hit publish on the post I had written, so straight away we’re off to a better start! As I’ve only just recommenced my blog, I’m still finding my groove with things to blog about and remembering to do a post, so I’d like to thank the ladies at Broke and Bookish sincerely for giving me something to write about and keep in the swing of things, even if I am struggling a bit with writing or blogging about anything.

I didn’t do a most anticipated releases for the first 6 months, so this is more my most anticipated releases for the year, from now. Going into this list, I’m not sure how many things I am actually awaiting, I’m more tracking back and reading things I have already wanted to or already own. That said, there are a few:

  1. maxresdefaultHarry Potter and the Cursed Child J K Rowling: I am a self-confessed, unashamed, obsessive Harry Potter geek. Even though a little part of me doesn’t want to buy it for fear it will ruin the book series, and fear it will be a disappointment, and believe a little like they’re finding anyway to latch onto any profit-producing endeavor, I am going to find a bookshop in South Africa that sells this when I am away, and I am going to read it, because I can’t not. (Little, Brown July 31st)
  2. Blog_Hero_637x364-1-632x362Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them J K Rowling: As I write these, and I look what words I have placed in my description, I have come to realise I am the very sucker that they are releasing these new stories for. That said, I am looking forward to a different time period and a different set of characters within the wizarding world.(Little, Brown November 19th)
  3. Harry-Potter-and-the-Chamber-of-Secrets-Illustrated-Edition-Harry-Potter-Illustrated-Editi-180x180Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated edition J K Rowling: You might be noticing a bit of a trend here. I am not even a little bit embarrassed. The first one is still on my Amazon wish list, and this will soon join it, right at the top too. Jim Kay’s illustrations are just delectable, I hope they are going to continue producing these, because these are the first Harry Potter editions I have liked since the original UK Hardbacks. (Bloomsbury October 4th)
  4. 25744542On The Other Side Carrie Ann Fletcher: I am partial to a bit of Fletcher-Family social media stalking, and this little number is a debut novel that I like the sound of. I’m looking forward to exploring her next creative path. I don’t often (admit) to reading such light and fluffy literature, but this sounds both intriguing and entertaining, so I am going to be keeping an eye out. (Sphere July 14th)
  5. 28145767Strange the Dreamer Laini Taylor: I have no idea quite what it is about this book that appeals to me, because I don’t read much that is mythical (usually). There is something about the vagueness, mixture of elements, and apocalyptic sounding nature of the synopsis that is making me think I must read it when it comes out. Oh, and the bright pretty cover of course. (Little, Brown September 27th)
  6. 9781474601757Black Water-Lilies Michael Bussi: I feel like, when this comes out, it will be a book that many people pick up in the train station without a second thought. The synopsis sounds engaging, and it looks like the sort of book I would like, and it has been the only book of its quick paced murder mystery genre that has drawn my eye this year. I do love a bit of throwaway crime fiction. (Orion June 30th)
  7. furthermoreFurthermore Taherah Mafi: Again, I;m not sure exactly what, other than the beautifully detailed and colourful cover, draws me to this story. There is something about a children’s point of view, and about a world and story crafted for younger minds that makes me want to pick up and read it. I like a good murder-mystery as much as the next person, but there is something about discovering a new world. (Dutton August 30th)
  8. all-about-the-hype-9781471146114_hrAll About the Hype Paige Toon: While Paige Toon is not an author I rate highly (or lowly), I have read all her books excluding her most recent release, and I am looking forward to another installment from the Jeffersons. She links all her books so well, that I can’t help but stay in touch with her work, even if it is just to see how the next installments link into the world that she has created.  (Simon & Schuster July 28th)
  9. the-other-side-of-the-world-9781501133121_hrThe Other Side of the World Stephanie Bishop: I have heard a few rumblings about this books from the other side of the world, as it has been an Australian release for close to a year, It sounds like a tempting proposition, to move half way around the world after seeing a brochure (don’t I know this) so I am looking forward to finally picking up a copy for myself and reading this story for myself. (Simon & Schuster September 20th)
  10. 9780099597476City on Fire Garth Risk Hallberg: What is there not to be excited about when it comes to a mystery about a shooting way back when that entwines 9 different characters. I love a good detective story at the best of times, and this one has certainly wet my appetite. The complex characters and the lights out twist, whatever it is, sound exciting. (Vintage June 23rd)

What do you think, do you fancy of any of these titles? What are you eagerly awaiting the release of this year?

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Release for July-December”

  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 😍 There’s a countdown to it in Barnes and Noble, in a few weeks!


    1. I hadn’t thought much about books this year, so I think without them I would have been struggling a little. I’ve focused more on what I haven’t read than what is coming out.
      You’re right though, it is a bit of a given!!
      I haven’t heard of many books on your list, but Timekeeper sounds interesting!!


    1. I’m not sure what I think about it, which is why I think I want to pick it up and read it so much!!
      You’re list sounds interesting, might have to cast my eyes over Three Dark Crowds and The Diabolic!


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