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Top Ten Tuesdays: Beach Reads Week

toptentuesdayIt has been a long, long time since I did one of these, and in my efforts to get blogging regularly again, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and reboot my efforts into this enjoyable meme. P;us it has been something to do in my breaks at work.

This week, Top Ten Tuesday boasts a summer theme: Top Ten Beach Reads. I have chosen to list some things I have enjoyed reading as a beach read, books I have enjoyed while on the beach or by the pool, or some that I have read that would be perfect to read on holiday. Some are obvious books to read on Holiday, some are less holiday themed but are perfect to pick up and put down as the mood suits, and some are just books I like:

  1. The Longest Holiday Paige Toon
  2. Chasing Daisy Paige Toon
  3. The Double Eagle James Twining
  4. Out of the Blue Belinda Jones
  5. I Love Capri Belinda Jones
  6. Summer of Love Kate Fforde
  7. Inferno Dan Brown
  8. Bared to You Sylvia Day
  9. The Host Stephanie Meyer
  10. Along Came a Spider James Patterson

*Honorable mention: Although it is in no way a light, or beach read, I read 1984 George Orwell while I was touring Australia and its many beaches, and loved it.

What sort of books do you enjoy reading on the beach? What are your top ten beach reads? Comment below, or take part in Top Ten Tuesday yourself!

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: Beach Reads Week”

    1. I am pretty much the same, I’ll give anything a shot and I’ll give a go at reading anywhere.
      Yeah that’s her. That’s the first book in the series. It’s far from the best book, but it is light and beachy!!

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      1. To be honest, impressed is not a word I would use to describe how I felt when reading it. That said, it is what I deem to be a beach read: a book you can pick up and put down as you do things without much effort or concentration in finding your way again.

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