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Tag: 3 Days 3 Quotes: Day Two

I was tagged by Emma from The Terror of Knowing to do the 3 Days 3 Quotes tag/challenge/meme/thing! This will be the first real tag/meme/activity that is not a readathon that I have ever been tagged in. Well, that I have ever been tagged in and decided to participate. Day One’s post can be found here.

I am going to try and dive into the quote a little each day. It probably won’t be the most in depth of sensical (is this a word?) analysis of some words you will ever see, but it might give you a bit of insight into my mind, and how different quotes appeal to me.

My quote for day two comes from the brain of Dr. Seuss:

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

This is a much lighter entry than yesterday’s quote, which got kinda heavy kinda quickly.

I love children’s books, and many children’s authors. That said, I’m not always a fan of Dr. Seuss and his rhymes. But I think this quote is wonderfully simple. The more we read the more we can take in, learn and know. The more we learn, take in, and know, the more things we can do. The more things we can do, the more places we can go; whether in your dreams, life, or just travelling.

I Tag:
I’m terrible with tagging people so I apologise if I pick you and you have already done it or don’t want to do it, but for the sake of sticking to the rules I hereby tag:

Nikki and Amy at Every Book You Need To Read and More!

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