#readASOIAF: Stating my intentions

a_song_of_ice_and_fire_by_ertacaltinoz-d9fzd8eHere we go again. Liz is signing up to a readathon. Unlike Bout of Books, where I commit and finish the thing,this readathon is not short, or easy.

The title to this post is fairly explanatory. I am signing up to a readathon that aims to enable the completion of George R.R. Martins’s famous A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones etc.) series. It’s long, and aside from Lord of the Rings, is my only foray into proper fantasy literature.

The lovely Emma (the enabler) introduced me to this readathon. Unlike many others I stumble upon while attempting to blog, this one made me think ‘Oh go on then.’ My brother bought me the box set for my birthday last November, and unfortunately, I have been very off-reading since around that time (completely unrelated!). I have wanted to read these books since realising I couldn’t get into the TV series, which I realise probably doesn’t make much sense, and this seems like the perfect time to do it.

I’m blabbing. So yes, my intentions. Simply put, they’re to read the thing. And that is definitely the simple answer when you consider how heavy the books themes are and also, how heavy the actual books are. I thought joining a group of people doign the same thing that I am, and probably doing better, would either encourage me or shame me to complete the books.

There is a handy goodreads group, and an even more useful colour spot chapter completion sheet, that will encourage me along, even if it is just to colour in the bubbles. If you would like to join in, why don’t you grab your copies (or nip to your local store and buy them) and start reading along with us?

asoiaf booksOur aim is to read a book a month:

June: A Game of Thrones

July: A Clash of Kings

August: A Storm of Swords

September: A Feast of Crows

October: A Dance with Dragons

Some months are going to be harder than others (August and October I am staring at you) so to help myself along, I have got a not-so-brilliant jump start on a Game of Thrones after having it on my Bout of Books list at the beginning of May.

Why don’t you help me out and join in? Get involved, comment, and join us in this epic readathon. Or if you’re reading something else, and joining in spirit, let me know!

9 thoughts on “#readASOIAF: Stating my intentions

  1. Emma the Enabler – I like it 😛

    Idk if it’ll help but it might be worth checking out a few family trees for ASOIAF – I found it kinda hard to keep all the characters straight in my head until I’d watched the TV series and had faces to put to names and families.


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