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Bout of Books 16: Day 5

Bout of Books 16I’m getting that holiday feeling…..almost. As we enter the final stretch of Bout of Books 16, and into the weekend, I enter my first proper stretch of time of since I have worked at Avios. I do have bits and bobs planned, but it’s nice to know I’m not actually doing too much this week. No excuses not to read really!


10:21am: I’m up a tiny bit earlier than I need to be to get to work early, so I’ve read a chapter of Summer of Love and checked in to see is Kerry (my work wife) is OK. She’s not. She is trés poorly. Not the greatest start to the morning, but I am getting into the book, so that is at least something. And the sun is out, which is always nice.

17:25pm: I took lunch a little late, but we did have a buzz session in the sun and I am making a bit of head way with holiday plans, so that is good. I only have 3 more days to beg, borrow, and barter to have off and I have the full stretch I need. I shouldn’t moan about that too much going into my long week off.

20:35pm: I am useless at getting into reading today. I’ve sorted out taking my brother to the airport, and maybe come up with some more holiday options, but it does nothing to help me get more reading and more house preparations done. Urgh.

23:44pm: Time is flying by. I’ve read a couple of chapters of Summer of Love, I’m around the halfway mark now, and I have watched some TV. A proper night in doing very little and relaxing. I need to retry reading Game of Thrones this weekend big time. I am woefully behind the schedule for that book. I think I always knew that might happen though.


Photo coming soon…..!

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