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Bout of Books 16: Day 4

Bout of Books 16The weather is taking the absolute mick today and I am severely unimpressed. Of course it has been great weather while I have been in, and now as it is been rainy while I’m off, until I’m back in work when the sun has come out. Absolute joke, the weather and I are no longer friends.

A little bit of a digression there, sorry!


10:30am: It is nice to wake up going to work at a time that i not as the sun is rising. That said, I feel like I have more of my day to myself when I am on the early start. I have read two chapters of my book One With You, however, so maybe the reading side of things is going a little better today.

20:35pm: Work was horribly busy, and the new roster line has been released. It was less than favourable for getting time off to go away for me, so I have to face the desperate struggle to find shift swaps for the next few weeks. Reading and books barely crossed my mind. No chance to read until I get home though, Thursday Night is pub quiz night!

00:21am: OK so this is really Day 5, but who cares, I haven’t gone to bed yet!! I have just finished with One With You. The urge to read over took and as I wasn’t tired I just finished it off. It was a bit rubbish as I expected, but I am pleased I have finished the books and the series. Now to get into Game of Thrones and continue with Summer of Love.


Today’s challenge is an #IfYouLikedThisTryThis book related recommendations task. I have done 2, one trashy and one not (quite) so much so:

  1. If you liked Twilight, or like young-adult fiction and Vampires then try The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. It’s set at a supernatural school and is based around vampire guardians and the vampires they’re trying to protect.
  2. If you liked The Da Vinci Code, or like fast-paced adventure, crime mysteries try The Double Eagle by James Twining. It’s a quick fascinating read about an art thief who is believed to have stolen a very rare coin.


Today was a bad bad day outside of literature, but I did have a productive day in the pages, and have now finished one of the three books I set out to read. A minor victory at least.

How is your Bout of Books going?

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