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Bout of Books 16: Day 2

Bout of Books 16I have a feeling that this Bout of Books is going to disappear an awful lot quicker than I am going to find acceptable! It’s already Day two, and I don’t envisage much reasonable reading time today either!!


4:57am: This is my last start of many early shifts on the bounce.I have the evening, and tomorrow off. Of course the rain is moving in and the sun that has been out while I’ve been in the office has disappeared. There goes the plan to nip to a park/the river with my book after work and fit in some cheeky reading!

10:21am: There is only so many hours one can tolerate a work system not working and I feel like I have now reached said limit. Even with no system, I still can’t get into Game of Thrones. It’s just not clicking. Maybe I need to stop forcing my self to try to read it?!

InstagramCapture_3ffe292f-ccdd-4e2f-bf65-c330d6559b7216:37pm: I’m tired, I’ve been shopping, I couldn’t find my Gran’s key at the garden centre, I’m tired (did I mention that) I am seriously debating a pre-productive nap. I am almost too tired to keep my eyes open. That said, I have read another two chapters of One With You. I’ve decided, considering the content, that it’s probably not suitable to read at work, so it’s my at home book. Might try and read more later when I am more alert!

11:32pm: I did read another chapter of One With You, but really, I just went on a ridiculous Youtube binge. I clciked my way through god knows how many videos. I am only a little bit ashamed!


InstagramCapture_67019d63-a95d-44b5-9a90-4cb1f94d35cc#Shelfie4boutofbooks has allowed me to look properly at my book shelves and share them with the world for the first time. The first one has been added higher in this post and contains my hardbacks/big books. The one featured in this challenge is my main book shelf, and was about the only thing I kept saying I wanted in my house!


I feel like not really bothering this section when I have done next to know more reading. Another 60pages of One With You is a little poor for a free afternoon. I blame Youtube!

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