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Bout of Books 16: Day 1

Bout of Books 16Bout of books is here again! Woo!! I’ve missed the regularity of both reading and blogging, so this has come at the perfect time for me! If you haven’t signed up, or would like to know more about the most stress-free and fun readathon, have a look at the Bout of Books Blog!


5:01am: Off to work I go. It’s not even fully light yet, but I armed with Game of Thrones just in case. Unlikely I’ll need it at work though.

game of thrones12:10pm: Readathons are easy when you don’t have to get up for work before the sun is up. Readathons are easy when you don’t have to spend 8 hours at work. Readathons are easy when you are travelling with very little else to do but enjoy a good story. Oh well, reading will just have to wait until I’m home.

17:25pm: I left work and I had big plans to read, and then half-way home I decided to go out with my Gran and buy some plants from the local garden centre. I also decided, with the help of my brother, that we were going to have the first fmaily BBQ of the year. I’m still yet to read a page.

20:52pm: I am up early for work again tomorrow, and after reading 2 pages of Game of Thrones, I  put it down and read a bit of the lighter books before bed. I’ve got a chapter of each read tonight and from there, I’m going read the one I am slightly more hooked on. Seems like a reasonable idea to me, right? Night guys!


This time round, like I try with every Bout of Books, I am going to do my best to participate in all of the challenges. Despite the fact I dislike bios and trying to describe myself, I’m embracing it (after all, it is a challenge) and diving in with the first challenge of Bout fo Books 16: #insixwords – Introduce yourself in six words, no more, no less!

Entusiastic Explorer. Loyal Scouser. Optimistic Dreamer.


  • Pages Read: 46 (17: Summer of Love, 25: One With You, 2: Game of Thrones)

Well day 1 could have gone better and could have gone worse. I didn’t do much reading, but I participated in the challenge, picked up all 3 books on my TBR, and I had a nice afternoon/evening with my Gran. I may have progressed slowly with the readathon, but I definitely don’t class the day as a failure!

How has Day 1 of Bout of Books gone for you? Have you been over-ambitious, and what have you challenged yourself to read this week?


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