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Bout of Books 16 – TBR

Bout of Books 16I confess, I’ve not been reading much lately. I’ve not been doing much of anything except working, moving house, and marathoning TV shows. Bout of Books 16 could not have come at a better time; hopefully it will invigorate both my blogging and literary efforts. For those of you who don’t know much about Bout of Books, it is a wonderfully relaxed readathon ran by the lovely ladies over at the Bout of Books Blog.

This time round, I’ve decided to ease myself in with the very low target of reading 3 books. As I haven’t read a lot recently, and because I am still working and decorating, I don’t want to over-reach, but I know if I don’t put a few on, I probably won’t get back into the swing of reading all the time. So here we are:

  1. One_with_You-UK-217x333One With You Sylvia Day: This is literally a rubbish series, with very little substance, but it is rubbish enough that I can read it before bed and not worry about a complex story arc or characters with substance. Plus, I’ve read the first 4 and I can’t not finish the pentology (I don’t think that’s a word, but oh well!) even if I know it isn’t the greatest things I will ever read. It should provide light relief for the final book in my TBR too!
  2. Katie FfordeSummer of Love Katie FForde: Someone gave me this to read a while ago and I read the back and thought it sounded OK. I keep telling her I have started it, and kept forgetting, so it is probably time I finished it and gave it back. I’m still not entirely sure that it is my kind of book, but again it is a relatively frivolous and low quality read that will suit my pick up and put down reading time frames. And again, it should ease the intensity of number 3 on the list.
  3. game of thronesA Game of Thrones George R R Martin: OK, so really this is the other reason I’ve not over committed with how many books I am going to read. I have failed to get into the TV shows multiple times, and my brother bought me the books for my birthday and I still haven’t picked them up (sorry Jon) so I thought it was high time I started them and delved into Westeros.

As with the previous Bout of Books I have participated in, I plan to post a daily update on my progress, and complete as many (all!!) of the daily challenges set by the lovely challenge hosts.

What are you targets and plans for this Bout of Books, and what are you planning on reading? Don’t forget to join in the fun and sign up too!

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