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There were a few things I was pretty sure I would feel in Atlanta: pain from my foot, irritation from the heat, and the feeling that we were staying there too long. All of these we true. We saw some nice parks, and met some friendly people, but I am sad to report that I think Atlanta might be the first place I have actually not like while we have been travelling.

We arrived on our bus and were unceremoniously dumped with our luggage in the middle of the road. Literally the middle of the road opposite the jail. We made our way by taxi to our hotel, and checked in quickly. The corner of the street was heaving with homeless people – it turned out the building over the intersection opens as a homeless shelter at night. They were a slightly intimidating sight. The hotel room was at least good on a more positive note, and the elevator allowed me to get to the third floor easily, even with my injury.

We had a complete day off in the hotel room doing nothing but watch Daredevil and playing on Sporcle while we waited for my boot and crutches to arrive. When they finally did, we decided to test them out by going for a stroll to the supermarket 2 blocks away (if that) in the opposite direction to the homeless crew. It’s a shame the ice cream I bought myself didn’t stay frozen enough over the following days, but it was nice to have a choice of food to cook, even if it is still being cooked in a microwave. The pies were both cheap and pretty good!

The next day we went a little further to Piedmont Park. One of the flagship green areas in Atlanta, it was a nice park with entertaining spaces, a big lake, and a lack of drinking fountains. We stopped by the lake for a while and got even more excited (if that was humanly possible) for Disney. less than two weeks!! After taking our time in the park, we went to family dollar to get a present for Brooke via Wendy’s. Even though it was fast food, it was nice to eat something that wasn’t for breakfast or from the microwave.

The following day we went to Atlanta’s other flagship green space: Centennial Park. Home to Coca-Cola world, CNN studios, Georgia Aquarium, and the Center for Civil and Human Rights, the park was really nice. We walked (hobbled) past the Civil rights centre, aquarium, and Coca-Cola world to the main body of the park, and walked through it to the Fountain of Rings.

Throughout the park are reminders to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. The park has a special set of interlocking Olympic ring fountains that are made for kids to run in and out of and play in. Not only this, but they hold a fountain show a few times a day where they choreograph fountain displays to a variety of music (Circle of Life, Twist and Shout, William Tell Overture to name three songs in the show we saw.) It was very impressive.

Unfortunately the end to Atlanta cemented its status as a dislikeable place for me. We sat for ours waiting for our bus as I couldn’t walk anywhere and we couldn’t wait for our hotel. It was warm, and had it not been for the guy who talked with us, helped us feel a bit safer, and even bought us water, we would have really hated it. Megabus were awful from start to finish with there treatment of me as a less able person, their rudeness, and the fact the bus was then an hour late, but we were on, and despite the Dockers losing, were in Montgomery early enough that we weren’t too annoyed we had paid for the night in the hotel – we were even moved into a room with two beds rather than a king (not that it matters, American King beds are so huge.)

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