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Before arriving in Baltimore, all I knew bout the city I had learnt from the TV and Frank from the California Zephyr. The stuff Frank told us was (mostly) good: get crabs, see the inner harbour, go to see the baseball. The stuff I had seen on the TV was a lot less impressive, as I had gained the knowledge from the Wire and Hannibal; hardly the best impressions of a place.

We were pleasantly surprised by Baltimore overall. We had a really good time there, despite the dodgy areas, and the mall in the middle of no where. Our bus went into said mall over 12 miles away from the city, and we were worried it would cost us the world to get in. After sorting our phone contract there, we discovered the place was a park and ride for the city, so the bus, which dropped us less than 4mins from the hotel, was free.

Our first day in Baltimore was spent looking round the inner harbour. I knew that the harbour was known for crab, but neither of us liked it, and ended up ordering huge pizzas that lasted until the bus to Washington. Instead of eating crab at the harbour, we took photos of the Constellation and Chesapeake boats and sat looking over the harbour in the blazing sun. There were very cute ducks on the bank, much cuter than those crossing the road at the duck crossing sign at the mall the day before.

We finally managed to sort through and upload photographs from everywhere pre-USA in Baltimore. The internet was rapid, which made a pleasant change, so we made the most of it. I have got Jade addicted to another show – Graceland.

On our second full day in Baltimore, we ended up leaving the hotel late to see the Ravens and Orioles stadiums. We saw Muay Thai in Thailand, and AFL in Australia, so we thought we would go and see baseball while in the US. Both of us aren’t into Baseball on the TV at all, but for $10 we couldn’t say no, especially when a free t-shirt and first ball-game certificate were included. We ended up with 3 t-shirts for free, and having a great time at the game. It is a lot less boring in real life! It’s a shame they lost.

There were a couple of areas that we didn’t feel comfortable walking through while in Baltimore, that is for sure, but I think it has been the biggest surprise so far. Charm city doesn’t come close to Chicago, but we had a great time there, and were surprised – for the good!


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