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Grand Plans

3 weeks today, Jade and I will be arriving in Florida. 3 weeks tomorrow I see my parents ofr the first time in nearly a year. 5 weeks yesterday, we meet up with Jade’s family, and 7 weeks on Monday we fly home and the grand travel adventure is over, done-zo, finito. I can’t believe how fast it has all gone, and how soon I am going to be home.

Home. That is a slightly scary thought considering I won’t have been there for 11 months. So many things will have changed, the kitchen for one, and os many things will be exactly the same; it’s going to be very strange. I am starting to really look forward to it though. It’s just the simple things, like choice on TV, a kitchen, my own bed, clean clothes, but those things are starting to look better and better.

I am not sure how I am going to cope with a routine again, but I hope to get into one quick because, well, I am going to need a job. I am still not 100% sure what I actually want to do except see money going into my account rather than out of it. I want a job, any job, for now, just to earn money while I look for potential career paths and futures.

Everyone seems to be figuring out what they want to do and I still feel very unsure of a career. There are definitely some things I would love to do if I got the chance, such as become a pilot, but those are a long way away if they come off. In the mean time I have to try and find a proper job that will allow me to save some money, start paying off my student loans, and maybe move out and live on my own two feet (it’s about time I fled the nest properly eh Mum?) I have grand plans to try and find a job when I get back, but really, any money coming in from any sort of job will do to start with. They always say it’s easier to fin a job while you’re in one.

I also have grand plans regarding losing weight. So far, the grand plans are working a little slower than I would like. You might say ‘well at least they are working a little bit’ but it’s easy at the moment. If ther eis a choice between eating or going somewhere I haven’t been and never will again, the choice isn’t really a choice at all. And my bags are so heavy that it is a great exercise lifting and carrying them anywhere. I need to get into a routine of exercise when I get back, and make sure I don’t fall into the trap of boredom eating when I get back so I can maybe continue to shift some weight. Knowing I am losing a bit is helping though, and incentive is better than none.

The other grand plan I have already mentioned, and that is standing properly on my own two feet. I will be 24 this November, and I think that is high time to say I am going to move, or I am making an effort to afford to move out of my parent’s house. I know I haven’t lived there permanently (thanks to University anf travelling) since I had my gap year, but I would like to get my own place when  I get back. It won’t be straight away, I need savings and a job first, and probably a flatmate to share with, but I’d really like to move out at some point in the 6 months (most probably a year if we’re being honest) after I get back.

Real-life is starting to feel closer and closer as the time to returning home diminishes. I find myself making these grand plans, and smaller projects (such as scrapbooks and knitting and all sorts really) but I haven’t really got a clue how easy or hard things are going to be when I get back. I may be making these plans and have no time or money to follow through, or make these plans for the long term and they happen much sooner than I expect, but one thing is for sure; home is suddenly close again, and I am both excited and confused about what life is going to be like now as I have stopped travelling and have to think about getting a normal real life.

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