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Niagara Falls

There are few feelings better than dumping your bags on the floor after you have walked almost two miles carrying 35kilos, after travelling for 18 hours on a bus. Seriously, the relief is insane. Even in a distinctly average motel, the feeling is huge. We had taken a break to get a subway (which would serve as lunch the next day too) but weren’t up for going out once we settled into our motel for the evening.

We had a bit of a lie in, before setting out to see Niagara Falls. They were every bit as impressive as I remembered them being, the Canadian falls still infinitely more impressive than their American Counterpart. We left it too late to do any of the activities on the falls, so we walked along to Table rock, had a look around the shops, before returning to the hotel to plan the next few days.

We returned to the falls that night to watch the illuminations and the fireworks. I don’t remember seeing them last time, so we set up by the American falls so we could see both sets clearly. We were a bit early, but as it got darker the illuminations became clearer and more impressive. I thought they might be a little tacky, but they actually looked really impressive. The fireworks that were literally above the Horseshoe falls from our vantage point were pretty good, some huge ones going off in the finale. Definitely worth staying up for and braving the cooling weather.

We were up bright and early the next day. Well we sort of were, we ended up going out a little later than planned when we realised we could save money on the adventure pass and just do the Hornblower cruise and the Journey behind the Falls. As much as the adventure pass was a good thing to do when I did it with my family, we saved money and we enjoyed what we did without rushing ourselves.

The view from both the Hornblower cruise and the Journey behind the falls was amazing. Different, but amazing. We got wet at both, hence the free ponchos handed out in the queue, and we stared at the impressive waterfall. It is surprisingly loud when you’re up close. I haven’t seen Angel Falls, Iguazu Falls, or Victoria Falls, but I imagine that the Horseshoe falls will take some beating!

In other news, the bit of Niagara we are staying in is like Blackpool. I don’t really mean that as a compliment in anyway either. I don’t get the appeal of going to such a place when the falls are right there, but apparently an awful lot of people do. I finally got to try Wendy’s as well, and nearly died from overeating. Never again will I make the mistake of thinking ‘Oh, a large is only $1.09 more than a small, so it’s worth it to get the drink as there are no free refills’. I nearly died on the way to journey behind the falls.

We also got out Canadian souvenirs and postcards as well, and sorted everything out until we leave Atlanta. We managed to save a lot of money on our Washington July 4th accommodation too, which was a pretty awesome result.

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