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Top Ten Tuesday: Happy 5th Birthday

toptentuesdayIt has been a while hasn’t it? I think the last time I wrote a Top Ten Tuesday post I was in Melbourne airport waiting (forever) for my flight to New Zealand, and it actually posted on the day that we perused Hobbiton. I’ve literally travelled to new countries and continents in that time. How time flies.

This week is a very special week for the girks at Broke and Bookish, it is the Top Ten Tuesday feature’s 5th birthday. I have only involved myself in the world of Top Ten Tuesday since January, but it has been awesome, so thanks!

This week, in honour of such a special occasion, the ladies have created a TTT: Your favourite topics since TTT’s inception. It’s quite a Top Ten! I haven’t really been involved for long enough to fully appreciate all those that have been done, so I have split my list into two sets of 5. The first is my Top 5 TTT topics that I have participated in, and the second is the Top 5 TTT topics that were before I started but I love the sound of. Got it? OK:

Top 5 Favourite TTT Topics I have completed:

  1. Top Ten Books I’d Love To See As Movies/TV Shows
  2. Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books
  3. Top Book Related Problems That I Have
  4. Top Ten Books From My Childhood/Teens I’d Like To Revisit
  5. Top Ten Favourite Heroines From Books

Top 5 Favourite TTT Topics I wish I had completed:

  1. Top Ten Favourite Book Covers
  2. Top Ten Villains/Criminals/Nasties
  3. Top Ten Books That Feature Travel
  4. Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations
  5. Top Ten Minor Characters

I can’t believe that I hadn’t heard about TTT until January, but it has been great to be involved for such a small space of time. What have your Top Ten Tuesday highlights been?

Here’s to another 5 great years!

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