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San Diego

Last time I visited California, San Diego was my favourite city that we visited. I don’t know if it was the weather, the beaches, the place, or the food, or just the combination of the lot, but I remember it wowing me. I was determined that if it didn’t cost too much we were going to have to return, and we did. And it was really good.

We had a horrible walk (well not the scenary) to our hotel in the afternoon sunshine. It wasn’t too hot, but our bags were heavy, so as we trekked 1.5m past Petco park (home of my baseball team: The Padres), past the San Diego Convention centre (SDCC: home to Comic-Con), and up through the Gaslamp quarter, we couldn’t fully appreciate what we were seeing. We opted to book two nights in our hotel so we could have a bit of time to relax ahead of the night bus madness to Vegas and San Fran.

It was a good decision. When we got into our hotel, the WiFi worked in our room despite it only specifying signal in the lobby online, and we were situated right on the edge of the old gaslamp quarter. We settled in, had showers, and then trotted off to explore Gaslamp, and find somewhere cheapish to eat. We opted for a small Italian that served anything but small meals. Despite my love of Mexican food, we had it on the tour with jade’s Dad and both of us wanted to have it in Old Town the following evening, so we dodged the cantinas. We also discovered, much to our happiness, that my Netflix works well in the US, making potentially expensive evenings out an awful lot cheaper.

The next morning we enjoyed a lie-in and lazily prepared ourselves for a walk along the bay. The San Diego maritime area is renowned, so we walked to the Maritime museum, and had a look at the old ships and submarines before leisurely walking along the bay towards the SDCC. The walk was really nice, the sun was shining, it was warm, and it was how I could remember California. We had a look around Seaport Village as we passed, saw the statue of the famous Navy kiss, before walking back through the SDCC to the trolley station.

We caught the Trolley to the Old Town, which was exactly how I remembered it. Lots of old building that felt like they were halfeway between Old Mexico and the Wild West, and the smell of Mexican food wafting through the air. We held out for as long as we could, walking through the shops and past the cantinas, before we settled for old Town Mexico. The food was almost as good as I could remember it being, and I felt sick with the amount I had eaten. It was a good night.

The next day didn’t go quite as planned. We had planned to walk to Balboa park and check everything but the zoo out, but we couldn’t store our bags at the hotel. We ended up limping our way trhough the Gaslamp slowly, buying the postcards we buy from every place we go, before arriving at the bus station way too early. Sort of luckily they let us on the earlier bus, so we had no worries about a painfully short layover in LA. The bad news was we were stuck in LA station with the crazies for much longer than desired.

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