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Australia: The Good and the Bad

I have said throughout my time in Australia that there are few things that have really irritated me about the place and that will force me to blog when the time comes to leave. Well that time is here. I am sitting in Melbourne Airport waiting a stupidly long time for the check-in gate to open, so I thought, eh what the heck, let’s write it now.

Australia really has been amazing. We’ve seen family (well Jade has) and friends, we have met loads of new people, we’ve driven thousands of kilometres, seen rainforest and outback, lakes, rivers, and oceans, mountains and valleys. It has been brilliant.

The bones i have to pick though have been irritating me, and so I feel compelled to write about them now:

  1. They don’t have anything below a 5 cent coin in Australia. In theory, I have no issue with this. Why though, if you have no 1 or 2 cent coins, do you insist on charging $2.99 (or $0.99, or $9.99, you catch my drift) for things and then have to round them up on the till. It’s annoying. Yes if I buy 5 things I will win, but that doesn’t happen often. Yes we learnt to beat this when filling the petrol tank up ($20.02 would be rounded down to $20, win), but that is not the point.
  2. The green man universally means you can cross the road safely. They have this in Australia. they also have this great system where he turns red and flashes to indicate that he’s about to change red so you can make it if you were already crossing, but don’t start. What is ridiculous is how the left hand turn lane is allowed to go at the same time! I shouldn’t have to check if a car is coming on the green man, that’s not how this works.
  3. I am a woman, and therefore have faced the presumption I know nothing about sport (which could not be farther from the truth) on many occasions. The complete belief that English people know nothing about the AFL, and that women will know even less has been doing my nut in for weeks. I am allowed to support the dockers, and know what I am talking about, and be English. Deal with it.
  4. And finally, the cold. I know it’s not technically your fault, but on all the adverts you see EVERYWHERE around the world, you are warm, and sunny, and ideal. I have been rained on heavier than I have been at home, and I have been freezing more times than I ever thought I would be while I travelled down. A warning would be nice y’know?!

Despite these grievances, Australia has been brilliant; if you ever get the chance you should visit some day!

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