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Mannum to Langhorne Creek

I have absolutely no van trouble to report. Let’s face it, considering the issues we have had at every other city we have been to, this is brilliant news! We woke up with no alarm, but still early, in Mannum rest area and decided to make our way into town, via McDonalds (for drink and WiFi use only of course) to map routes in and out of town, and check out cheap parking and accommodation options.

I think we must look like McDonalds groupies by now! It is decent WiFi though, and it helped us find a $4 park and ride that includes a free tram into the city centre, so it does good things too. The entertainment centre wasn’t actually that far from the city, but it did allow us to be in and out of the city on a time schedule for next to nothing.

Adelaide seems nice enough, but it doesn’t actually have a lot to do. Well, that’s a lie, we just don’t have much planned whlile we are here. We wandered through the main area of Rundle Mall, saw the famous pigs, and checked out a few of the shops and facilities. The information centre gave us some good advice on free showers at the bus station, and a potential free place to ‘park’ in the Aquatic centre for the night, so it was a good place to stop at.

We walked up past the state library and the museum, and round the botanical gardens. They were really nice to walk through, despite the rain, and had some cool buildings and domes with rainforests and lily ponds. We left before we got too wet and went to see St Peters Cathedral and the Adelaide Oval. Very different places, but pretty awesome to see almost in the city centre. We made it back onto a tram in time to move the car and utilise the facilities at the state library and maximise what we can watch and the charge on our electronics.

We decided to risk staying at the Aquatics centre, not sure whether we were allowed to or not. It would avoid a 30km journey to a free rest area, is right in the city by the free bus route, and has toilets, so it would have been ideal. We watched some of Hart of Dixie while we waited to be moved on, but as it never happened, we bedded down successfully for the night.

The next morning we found free parking a few streets away and used the free bus to get into the city. We went back to the library via the bus station, and then went back to see the cathedral as it was on the walk back tot he car. We used the free showers, which were the best free showers I think we have had, before driving to Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens and the summit lookout.

The botanical gardens weren’t the best as it was winter, but they looked nice. The viewpoint wasn’t so great as it was cold, wet, and foggy, so the views weren’t the greatest. We did have more victories over paying for parking, and managed to visit the points fromt he book Pictures of Lily that we wanted to.

We finally found the way to the rest area at Langhorne Creek late in the evening as Hart of Dixie broke and Downton Abbey filled it’s gap. The last leg of a journey in Australia begins!

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    1. Haha, well we have to have priorities in life. I have only seen the first episode (all though properly and all the way through this time) so hopefully I will be able to get on with watching it when I either get bored of, or finish, Hart of Dixie!

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