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Queanbeyan to Coolac

The van is in the mechanics for the second time in two days. Since we have started driving until we arrived at the Coolac rest area we have had 1 leaking boot, 3 flat batteries, 3 warning lights turn on, 5 mechanic visits, and we still have two weeks left with the van. I still think we made the right decision in driving rather than taking the bus.

This post isn’t going to be a long one. There is only so much you can write about being stuck in a library for two days that anyone haas any interest in reading.

When we woke up at the caravan park, we utilised the facilities as much as we could, and rang Spaceships to get  mechanic’s address. On the way to the garage, the ABS light came on. Just what we wanted to see. When we droppd it off, they said they were busy and would look at it aaround lunch, with a view to getting it fixed by the end of the day.

We walked into the local town of Queanbeyan, and bought some snack supplies. We found a Hungry Jacks (a Burger King anywhere else) and sat in there to use their (rubbish) WiFi. McDonalds was closed, so once the time there had run out, we walked around a bit before realising the place could have a library, and holing up there once we found it.

It meant we could both look into getting some new things to watch, read some of our books, and catch up on typing our online journals/blogs. When it hit 4pm, and we had heard nothing, we rang Spaceships, and after some ringing round, discovered that they hadn’t even looked at the van. It meant another day at the caravan park, and another, entire day stuck in the library before they finally fixed all the problems and we were able to get moving again; 2 days behind schedule.

We made it a good 100km before we decided to stop in a rest area in a small place called Coolac. I have no idea where it is, but it has toilets and we can stop here for free. That, and we have mastered closing the curtains to stop the sun coming in, and we don’t have an alarm set for tomorrow morning. Glorious.


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