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Bout of Books 13 Round-Up

BOBI can’t believe Bout of Books is over already. I feel like it was only yesterday that I signed up to Bout of Books 12! I don’t think I did that well this time round, but I have my reasons I guess. How was your readathon?


This readathon I committed to reading 4 books. I only finished 2, and I only really enjoyed 1, the re-read, so it was a strange readathon for me.

The BFG: I loved it before. I loved it re-reding it. I will still love it in 15 years. It still remains a great book and cheered me up while we were locked up in a library waiting for our van to be fixed.

Treasure Island: I neither liked or disliked Treasure Island. I ahve read very little in it’s genre, so I guess I don’t have much to compare it to. I held it against my favourite film Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl way too much, which is a little unfair.

Frankenstein: I am four fifths of the way through this book. I have struggled to get there, and I am struggling to finish it. I just don’t gte why it is so good, or like the story that much. It’s disappointing all round for me.

Love Always: I have got to Part Two where the reader is sent back in time. I wish it had just finished really, because the second quarter was only marginally more interesting than the first.


I took part in all the challenges this year, even if some were a little late. i was plesed to find they were vry travel friendly this readathon, and pretty fun to do.


I don’t want to say it was a disappoiting readathon for me this time round, but I didn’t finish the amount of reading I wanted to. I know that is because we have travelled over 1500km, seen amazing places such as Palm Beach, The Blue Mountains, Canberra, Adelaide, and the Outback, so I’m pleased I have a valid reason.

The books I have read are probably what has put a bit of a dampner on the week, which is a tad sad, but I chose them, and I am pleased I can now say that I have read them.

Let’s hope Bout of Books 14 is a return to form for me.


2 thoughts on “Bout of Books 13 Round-Up”

  1. Hey, I still think the amount of reading you did is very impressive considering what else you had all around you to distract you from it! 😛

    I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy Frankenstein! Now you’re making me reconsider why I DID like it. I wonder if a lot of why I like it is actually for social- historical reasons as opposed to the experience of reading it itself – I did read it as part of a Romanticism course so we were reading all this poetic Gothic stuff alongside it and I loved the seminars and lectures I had on it and I do wonder if all of that contributed to my liking for Mary Shelley’s novel? Idk…

    Anyway you do know I’m probably going to want to talk with you about all the classics you read when you get home? Sorry/not sorry. 😉


  2. Yeah I guess it was still a fair amount to get through.

    I have Frankenstein to be whiney, and like a teenage emo, the onster has irritted me, idk I just really don’t like it or get it. But that’s just me.

    Yeah I know, I am preparing myself!


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