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Sydney to Queanbeyan

I can’t believe we have been in Sydney for a week and that is is time to leave already. We still had 2hrs of WiFi time left at the campsite, so instead of setting straight off, we used that to buffer a load of Once Upon a Time episodes, look at potential routes to Melbourne, and upload pictures. It may have delayed us a little leaving Sydney for the Blue Mountains, but we decided that it was probably worth it.

We drove straight from Sydney to the Blue Mountains. When we arrived there, we headed straight to the campsite we had looked up in Katoomba. When we got there, wee discovered most of the big trails that are popular were closed for maintenance, so we decided not to bother booking anywhere to stay. We found free parking and went to view Katoomba cascades, which were a nice, but slightly disappointing set of waterfalls under the scenic cable car. They offered us our first view of the famous 3 sisters rock formation.

As the path from Katoomba Falls to Echo Point and the Three Sisters was closed, the pathway to the Three sisters park was closed, and the Giant Stairway was closed, we drove to the shops to buy in some supplys, which allowed us to get some of the foods we have been craving cheaper than we could get them in Sydney. We then returned to the freezing lookout at Echo Point.

Everywhere had pay parkig zones, so we drove slightly on and found a section of free parking around the corner. Armed with multiple layers, and cameras, we picked up our Blue Mountains Postcards and braved standing in the wind gusts to get a look over the national park as the sun set behind us. It was absolutely perishing up there, but the views were stunning and made up for the fact we were no longer staying in the national park.

When we left, we ha a few issues deciding a route due to the presence of toll roads along the route. We chose what appeared to be the shorter route and the one without tolls. This proved to be the wrong decision later, when we had our first near road kill moments (mine with a possum, then Jade had 2 suicidal wombats and a daredevil rabbit). We hated the whole 100 mile journey through uninhabited back streets, steep drops, and roads without stopping bays to rest in.

When we reached Goulburn, we were thankful to see somewhere with lights, shops, and toilets. I don’t think either of us have been quiute as relieved on this road trip so far. We managed to stop and fill up at a very cheap petrol station, and lucked out in finding a free rest stop in the 4 miles of Hume highway that we were set to travel on towards Canberra.

The next morning, our boot opening problem was still apparent, which resulted in a very embarrassing stop at a mechanics. He jiggled the key and oled the lock, and it was like it was never stuck. Oh Well. The journey to Canberra was short, but we managed to find a lookout on the way that afforded good views over plains and mountains, but was so cold that we jumped bck in the car straight away.

When we reached Canberra, and were done with the mechanic, we headed to the tourist information. Aftr using their plugs and WiFi to recharge and plan our routes, we headed up to the top of Mount Ainslie. There were great views over the whole city, especially the Lake, the war memorial, the Anzac parade, and Parliment house. While we were up there, it got so cold it hailed and snowed on us. We don’t have warm enough clothes for this weather!

Our next stop was the war memorial and Anzac parade. We wandered round the soldier’s name boards, saw the tomb of the unknown soldier, and took photos down the parade. It was a very fitting tribute to war heroes. Once we left, we headed over the bridge to take photos along the parade the other, way, looked at Capital hill and Parliment house, and just dodged a fine for parking the wrong way in a space (they can be quite particular about their parkig laws here in Australia!)

Once we were set up in the car, we headed out onto the highway and made it about 18 miles, before disaster and annoyance struck. The battery warning light, and the exhaust heating warning light both appeared on, red, and after following the advise of Spaceships and the internet, we pulled over and rang them. They sorted us a place to stay for the night and asked us to rig them up int he morning to check into (another) mechanics. It’s starting to get very ridiculous now; it will be our second mechanical visit in two days, our fifth in total.

And it was flipping freezing at the caravan park. I just did not realise that Australia got this cold.

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