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Bout of Books – Day 4 (a little late)

BOBYet more van drama! This time, it is not a leak, but warning lights on the dashboard that suggest a problem with the catalytic converter and our brakes. Just what you want before a 650km drive to Melbourne. As lovely as Canberra is, I don’t want to be stuck here longer than I have to be, and who knows how long this sort of problem is going to take to fix. Oh well, let’s hope it doesn’t set us too far back and that I can get a fair amount of reading done in the spare time that we now have.


I have read a little bit today. I’ve re-read the letters from Frankenstein so that when I read it tomorrow I am just into the main body of the book. I also read a third of The BFG.

We spent the day holed up in a library. You’d think that would mean that we would be able to get reading done, but by the time I had caught up a bit on my journal, kept tabs on what was going on with the car (or what wasn’t as the case turned out to be), and wrote the latest blog posts about our travels, I didn’t actually have that much time to spend reading.


Todays challenge comes from Rebecca, and is a toughy. She has asked for a book you think will be considered a classic in 100 yrs; her caveats are that it must have been published since 2005, and that you have two reasons.

I have never actually read this book, but I know the story. The Road by Cormac McCartrhy has been heralded as a ‘post-apocalyptic odyssey’ and seems to through off all specific genres to become more than just a book. It’s on my TBR list, and I think is probbaly the book I will read after the readathon, once I have worked up to reading an emotional, adventure, science fiction, apocalyptic, horror story.

Any book that is a Pullitzer prize winner, is voted the best book written (fiction or non-fiction) in 25 years, and is released as a Hollywood film within 3 years will probably still be talked about as a must-read in 100 years I think.

5 thoughts on “Bout of Books – Day 4 (a little late)”

  1. I can tell you that “The Road” is already taught in some Literature courses – but, I confess, it isn’t a favourite of mine. It truly has everything to be a classic in 100 years.

    Good luck for the read-a-thon. Happy readings! 🙂


  2. Oh no, I hope your van gets fixed soon! At least you did get a tiny bit of reading in, and hopefully today works out better for you 🙂


  3. I have the same problem with my car!! My engine light came on and they had hoped that it wouldn’t come back on with a tune up, but it’s back on again. 😦 Boo. Hope you can get it fixed before your trip!

    And yes, The Road will definitely be a classic … that was a great read! Good luck with the rest of the week!


    1. Thankfully it has been fixed and sorted and we’re back on schedule(ish), I hope yours is sorted soon!

      Yeah I think it will be too (obviously) and I think it will be my next read!


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