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Bout of Books: Day 3

BOBWe have arrived safe and sound in the Aussie capital, and this is what I am going to blame for everything on this post. I’m finding it a little harder to keep up with Bout of Books 13 while I am on the move. Never the less, I am going to persevere with the readathon, because I still want to read and blog and stuff.Updates

I have stalled. Well and truly stalled. I could  blame the letters in Frankenstein (again) but the real reason is we got lost and drove for ages last night (well not lost, just didn’t realise how empty the route was going to be). And then this morning we got up and had to solve our boot opening problems before we got to look around Canberra.

I am no further than I was yesterday. I didn’t pick up a device all day and I didn’t read a thing. I might start reading the Harriet Evans book just so I can shift through a few chapters and hopefully switch back to Frankenstein and get moving. I will get no where near my target if I don’t get reading soon!


Today’s challenge is a book haiku, set by Kristina. She suggested writing one about a book you’re reading during the readathon, so I thought I’d do Treasure Island:

Never trust a guy,                                                                                                                                                                                                              with just one leg, a parrot,                                                                                                                                                                                           called Long John Silver

How are you getting on with your readathon?

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