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Bout of Books 13 – Day 1

BOBI love reading and have thoroughly enjoyed my previous Bout of Books weeks, so I thought I’d give it another go. I offically committed to Bout of Books 13 last week, with a declaration of intention and my reading list, and thankfully finished (and loved) 1984 just in time to start!

Bout of Books 11 was my first experience of the book community, back in England. I loved it so much that while I lived and taught in Thailand,I completed Bout of Books 12. It was an awesome experience once again, so even though I am in Australia, living in a camper van, without reliable internet, I am going to give a go at keeping up with the Bout of Books world. Some posts mmay initially go on very empty, some challenges may take a while to complete, but I will keep as involved as I can do, I promise. I am quite the travelling Bout of Booker!

In previous Bout of Books, I have followed a daily format. This won’t change, neither will the updates and challenges sections. I am just going to post once daily this time though, rather than update when I have a spare minute, as I won’t have a spare minute of internet to do that.


Well, so far has been a roaring success. I have started Treasure Island first and I am already three quarters of the way through. Considering we are in Sydney, and not stopping at all at the moment, I think I have done quite well. I am sure once I start driving that it won’t be quite as impressive.

I’ve enjoyed it so far. It’s been good, but not great. Nothing special I don’t think. It definitely fits into the better reading quota a lot more than some of the rubbish I have read, but it’s not fantastic. I hope (when I finally get into it) that Frankenstein is better.


Today’s challenge comes courtesy of Writing my own Fairytale.

1. How do you organise your shelves? I have a lot of series, so they all go together. Then it’s all the stand alone novels. I don’t have enough books (yet) to have more structured shelving.
2. What is one of your favourite books that is not in one of your favourite genres? My favourite book To Kill a Mockingbird isn’t in a genre I ever usually read.
3. What is the last 5 star book you read? The last 5 star book I read was 1984, that I finished this weekend before Bout of Books started.
4. What book were you most excited to read during the readathon? I think, even though it is a re-read, it would be the BFG. Doing Top Ten Tuesday has reminded me of my love for Roald Dahl, so I can’t wait to re-read it.
5. What book do you recommend the most? Right now, it is a toss up between 1984 and To Kill a Mockingbird. Read them both!

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