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The 140 character review: The Hiatus

I am quite sure that the few people who read my blog don’t do so for the 140 character review feature. For those of you who might, or for those of you who have ever looked at it, and for myself, I am writing this hiatus notice.

I really enjoyed writing these reviews. While I lived in Thailand, and had a routine, and regular access to the internet, it was easy to do, but now I am travelling, well, it’s not. I don’t just want to abandon this all together though. When I get home, I fully intend to restart this as a regular thing. I am still writing posts that keep me involved in the online book community, but there is just not enough time to it.

I am sorry to anyone who follows it. If you do, please stick with me, and my blog. I promise (yes, I promise) to restart this in August upon my return.

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