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Gin Gin to Brisbane

When we woke up in Gin Gin, we had a decision to make. To Bundenberg or not to Bundenberg. As the Rum factory and the aviation museum related activities were outside our budget, we opted to drive past it and go straight to the more famous Hervey bay.

When we arrived in Hervey Bay, we battled through the traffic to park on the esplanade. We wanted to see more of the beaches here, without going in the infested seas, so e cut straight onto the sand and walked the length of Torquay beach, cutting back up to the road where it met Scarness beach. We wandered along the road, trying to find a cafe that had both a plug and free WiFi, as we were out of charge, and out of internet.

After visiting the post office and asking if they knew of anywhere, we were directed to a local backpackers hostel. They allowed us to sit in their lounge/table area for free using their WiFi, plugs, and kitchen for 4 hours while we recharged, rehydrated, and downloaded some more films. It may not have been the samme as many people’s trips to Hervey Bay, but it was good for us.

We had planned to stop at a internet approved rest-stop in Tiaro, but it was never signposted as we drove through Maryborough. We missed the chance to have hot showers, the only thing we couldn’t have at the hostel, but managed to find another rest-stop closer to Brisbane at Gympie. It was fairly picturesque, located on a lake, and I managed to call my Gran, so it turned out to be a pretty alright stop.

The next morning we were up early, so I squeezed in a phone call to my parents before we set off. Noosa heads was another place that the divers had told us to visit, and it was circled in the map spaceships gave us, so we decided to make the short detour. When we arrived, stopping at Sandy Cove and Noosa beach, we found a quiet and beautiful cove. We wrote in the sand, wandered out along the spits, and took some photos of the scenery. I think it was my favourite beach stop. Thanks for the tip guys!

When we left Noosa, we headed straight down the Sunshine coast, via the Aldi at Caloundra, until we hit the city of Brisbane. We were both somewhat missing the perks of a big city, even with all of the awesome stops we had made, so driving in was exciting. After navigating the maze of bridges and one way systems, we made it tot he hostel that Spaceships had told us about. Rather than renting a room, they sold us a space in their car park at a reduced rate for us to camp in. Not only did this work out cheaper than parking the van somewhere in the day and staying somewhere at night, it is in a good location, and is fairly secure. Winner Winner.

We may not have stayed on the same site as a Spaceship every night, but we have parked next to or drove past one everyday. I’m worried this trend won’t be maintained now as we’re in a big city.

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