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Marc’s birthday weekend

IMG_7559Our last few days in Perth had been ear marked to do some fun things and see some new places around Perth with Marc and Helen. It would also turn into a bucket list bonanza, and a really good time spent with them alone. As great as it was seeing the lads, we were there to see Marc and Helen.

Our first day didn’t get off to a great start when we were locked out of the flat. This meant we also had no car keys. As the lady who could let us in wasn’t due for a couple of hours, we set out to Gateways and had a look round, before heading to a small local park (well, sorry Marc, it was more of a small field). We ate our lunch intended for the wildlife park, and played frisbee and ball. It turned out to be a pretty nice lunch. That afternoon, Marc and Helen decided that we may as well make the most of the evening, so they took us to see Hannah and Joe. He was so cute, and after a little cuddle, the days problems were forgotten.

Marc had a tennis lesson in the evening, so while he was away, we got Divergent ready and made some food. The outdoor cinema trip was booked for the following night, but as Helen and Marc hadn’t seen Divergent, they needed to catch up on that before we went to see Insurgent.

Thursday was a long, busy awesome day. We headed up North to Scarborough beach where the waves were bigger than we had seen in our time there. Marc and Helen had their own body-boards, so we utilised the ideal waves and made a fool of ourselves trying to ride them. It was definitely the most fun day we’ve had on the beach so far, in my opinion. We had lunch at a cool place called the shack, and enjoyed a day in the sun. I didn’t even burn.

IMG_7497In the evening, we rushed to make food and have showers before we had to leave to get to the outdoor cinema. Jade and I both had to go to an outdoor cinema on our bucket lists, and as we wanted to see Insurgent anyway, it was a two bird one stone kind of deal. It was pretty chilly, but armed with sleeping bags and snacks coming from our ears, we settled into our beanbags and enjoyed the show.

A Friday rolled round, so did Marc’s birthday. The abandoned Wednesday trip to Cavesham Wildlife park finally got under way, and we got up close with koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, snakes, and wombats, as well as got involved with a farm show. Marc volunteered to have  go at cracking a whip and was pretty good at it. We all got to milk a cow at the end, which was another bucket list thing crossed off! After the wildlife par we went bowling. I was useless, but we a good time time, with Helen winning one game and Marc the other.

That night, we went out to Marc’s choice of restaurant for a Chinese. It was nice to have some different food to what we have been used to, I haven’t had Chinese food since I was last in England.

Saturdya was pencilled as a relax, do the washing, pack, and get our nails done day. Marc had received the Hunger Games films for his birthday, so we stuck those on while we put our laundry on and began the unenviable task of repacking our bags and choosing what we could leave behind for Marc and Helen to take home to England in July. We never got to watch Mockingjay, but we did have time to go to Gateways and get our nails done with Helen.

That evening we decided to go to the casino as we had missed out after the cinema on Thursday. We dressed up a little and went to the sports bar there before wandering round the tables. The sports bar had 4 huge screens showing the football, 20 screens above the bar showing every sport on in Australia, and 2 medium screens showing the formula 1 qualifying. It was insane and perfect. We stayed there to watch the Stoke game and F1 before heading home.

On Sunday, we finished packing all of our stuff up and spent some time by the pool. I started reading 1984 and we had a relaxing BBQ before we headed off to Perth airport, said goodbye to Marc and Helen, and climbed aboard our plane for the East Coast.

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