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Helen’s birthday weekend

IMG_7434Margaret River was a great time away, but it was nice to be back in Perth to celebrate Helen’s birthday. We all had different plans to complete before the lads went home on Monday, so we all set about splitting up and doing them over the weekend.

IMG_7424On Helen’s birthday, the Friday, we planned to go to Fremantle with the lads while Helen and Marc went to visit their friends and their newborn baby Joe. They dropped us off outside Fremantle prison, and after getting a quick drink and catching up on day 1 of the Masters, we went on a tour around the prison itself. It was long since closed due to sanitary reasons, but is one of the most historical prisons in Australia. The tour itself was fascinating and gave a real glimpse into how hard, and how different prison life has been throughout the ages. Dale especially was in his element.

Once we finished with the tour, we had a look at the local markets and went to a pub to have food while we waited for Marc and Helen to finish their visit to the Roots and drop the hire car off. We met them with time to have a look around Fremantle and its sights, before heading to Little Creatures brewery to sample some of their produce. Helen rates their cider highly, so it was a nice treat for her on her birthday too.

That evening, we all glammed up and set out for a meal at a nice restaurant nearby. After a complete fiasco involving tantrums and taxis, we made it to the Quarie and had a nice meal together to celebrate Helen’s big night. The following day saw us do next to nothing. Helen was feeling rough after a slightly heavier night than planned, and the lads were off to the beach before they went home on the Monday, so we stayed in, enjoyed the quiet and the TV access, and stuck on a film.  Sunday followed in the same vain, with the boys becoming accidentally addicted to the Twilight saga, the films we were inexplicably watching.

The boys wanted to go to the beach one last time before they left for home, so they went off with Marc to Coogee while Helen told us ll about the TV show How To Get Away With Murder which she was now caught up on. Jade and wanted to watch it, so we decided that for the rest of the afternoon, and Tuesday as it turned into, was going to solely revolve around eating proper home-cooked food and marathoning the show. We’re now caught up, it’s a fantastic show. You should watch!

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