G’day Oz!

IMG_7440Arriving in Australia has been on my countdown clock since I finished teaching, and for Jade I am sure a lot longer. As border entries from Asia to Australia go, we got through quickly and easily, and even managed to get a stamp in our passports to ass to our growing collection. When we saw Helen in the airport I sighed in relief knowing we had made it and we would be able to stop and call somewhere home for a couple of weeks. And of course spend time with Marc and Helen.

We fought sleep valiantly throughout the day despite the over night flight we endured from Singapore. When we arrived, we sorted are huge amounts of washing and got to work getting everything washed and drying. We took advantage of the sun and the apartment complex’s pool and burnt time playing with a Disney princess inflatable ball for hours. Anyone who walked by had a look of tourists on their face; even though we think it is warm, it is cooling down in Perth a lot.

Helen finished work for the Easter break and semester end the evening we arrived and made us spaghetti bolognese to welcome us. It was one of the best meals I have had in ages. It was nice to have a proper home-cooked meal. We lasted a lot later than I thought we would, and when we crashed, slept lateish into the following morning.

Good Friday was the first full day we had in Australia where we didn’t need to worry about washing or unpacking. Helen drove us to a local beach (Coogee) and we relaxed sunbathing on the sand and swimming in the shark net protected sea. I’m not sure what I think about the fact it needed a shark net, but it was a really nice way to spend the day. When we got  back, Helen made us a proper breakfast, for lunch, and with hot cross buns later, we were eaten out, and beached out.

On Saturday, Marc, Manny, and Dale returned from their trip to Bali, and spent the day feeling the effects of their time there. We all lazed around the flat, and nipped to the local shopping centre gateways, before heading out for dinner in the evening to the local pub. The Gate was pretty nice and had good food, it was just a shame not everyone enjoyed it as much because they were ill.

IMG_7443The Easter weekend saw the beginning of the AFL season. Since Marc moved he has followed the Fremantle Dockers, so we set out to see their first game at home to Port Adelaide after battling the cold sea at the areas most well known beach Cottesloe. It was nice there, but I think I preferred Coogee beach. The AFL atmosphere was more reminiscent of the T20 cricket than I was expecting, and the match was really good, even though we didn’t fully understand the rules. That, added to the fact that our team won, and the food we picked up on the way home, made it a very Aussie and very fun Easter Sunday.

On Monday, all 6 of us set out to see the city and spend some time at King’s Park. The park looks over the city so we took a picnic and enjoyed the view while we ate. There was confusion over the car pick up for Margaret river, so Helen, Jade, and I wandered around the shops and did some souvenir hunting before going to see the Belltower and get an ice cream on the river. We met the boys, with the car, at the WACA and spent an hour watching England U19s play Australia U19’s before returning home.

Helen had kindly bought us all an Easter egg, and a load of little chocolate eggs, and of course hot cross buns, so there was some aspects of Easter that was normal. I had forgot it was Easter when we arrived, but ended up having a great weekend Aussie style. I can’t wait to see more of Aus, even if it is a little expensive!


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