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We’re Just Not Beach People

aaaOur time in Thailand is coming to an end. We’ve travelled all over and seen some awesome things, and have reached our final stop: Krabi. Home to beaches, caves, and more beaches, Krabi is considered one of Thailand’s paradises, so should be the relaxing chill out time we need before the hectic run through Malaysia and Singapore.

My introduction to Krabi was as unpleasant an experience as I have gone through since we began travelling, I think. The entire journey there was horrible. I fought being sick the entire way, unsuccessfully by the time we landed at the pier, and felt awful. We were one of the first on the boat in Koh Phi Phi, which meant our luggage was at the bottom of the pile in Krabi. By the time we had fought our way through the crowd and loaded up our bags, we were amongst the last off the boat. The transfer, that was included in the price, left as we arrived in the car park, and we were left stranded with to Finnish girls at the port. Great start to paradise.

After a while of standing and refusing to pay for taxis, and marvelling how someone can have 126L of luggage space and still need to put a lot on the outside of their bag, a tour operator cut us a reasonable deal to drop us at our hotel door. The problem: we had turned up without a booking and only had a hotel name to give in the hope they’d have a place. When we arrived, the place looked like a bush tucker trial shack, and was definitely not somewhere that tourists have stayed in the last year. Thankfully, the taxi driver took us to somewhere closer to the  beach that was the same price. It was probably a good thing we’d missed the transfer in the end.

The next morning, we decided to visit the famous Railay beach. Everyone we spoke to about Krabi said it was a must-see and a world class beach, so we set off in a long tail boat from Ao Nang beach. Don’t get me wrong, it looked really nice set into the sheer cliff backdrop, but it also looked a lot like many of the beaches we had seen through the islands.

We spent an hour/a hour and a half lying on the beach, swimming in the sea, and reading, but once it started to fill up a little, we were both getting antsy. We just can’t stay happy on a beach for a long time. We wandered around West Railay, and made our way to the opposite side of the peninsula, to the much less impressive East Railay. For such a nice place, it was unexpected to have to walk through a monkey infested rubbish dump to get between the beaches.

We ended up burning time by walking around to a third beach, and to see Phra Nang cave. They were impressive, and we spent more time there than we probably had on West Railay, but we still ended up going back to Ao Nang in the middle of the day. We’re just not ‘spend a lot of time relaxing on the beach’ people.

The next day was spent hotel switching and sarong shopping, activities that took all day, and gave us the depressing news about how heavy our bags are. Too heavy. Well not too heavy, just not well distributed. Neither of us fancied hitting the beach by the time we walked the mile in midday heat to the new hotel, no instead, we decided to go souvenir and postcard shopping. By the time we were finished, over 8 hours and a hotel break later, we sat in TJ’s to watch the miserable match that turned out to be be Liverpool v Man U. The evening was only brightened by the apple crumble pie they served as we went behind. Well, if all else fails, comfort food for the win.

It’s a shame that my final memories of Thailand are of sitting in a hotel lobby for hours after our pick-up turned up way to early and abandoned us, and of suffering the most uncomfortable journey ever to wait for a bus to take us over the border.

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