Friday Reads: Thai Time

In Thailand, when someone says ‘meet here at 10am’, or ‘the train leaves at ‘3:45pm’ you know that really, you will be waiting around for at least an hour longer than that. The phenomenon of Thai time bugged me when I first arrived here, but after living here for so long now, I’ve adjusted pretty well. To the extent that I am now posting this a day late. (It’s better than the week late posts that will be appearing over the next few hours/days though!!)

Friday reads hasn’t really happened with any form of regularity for me over the past couple of months. I’ve tried to make it a thing, but I keep forgetting. Now as we’re travelling again, there is so much to see and do that just doesn’t require an internet connection, so I don’t bother going online. Well, to be honest, in a lot of places going online isn’t really possible thanks to the internet quality.

I am taking my time in Koh Tao as relaxation central. I have lots of free time while Jade completes her open water course, so I am going to attempt to put it to good use. Yesterday was spent walking along the beach and nosing in shops for 5km along the main beach on the island. It was really nice, but was absent of any proper reading.

I am still struggling to get into Frankenstein, but I think, now as I have nothing better to do, I will really crack on with it. I haven’t seen a film adaptation of it, and don’t actually know all that much about it, so I should just crack on and read it. There is no better place to relax and plough through a book than on a tropical island, right?

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