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The Most Adorable Graduation

DSCF2200 Today is my last day at Anuban Piroj. I can’t believe I have taught here for a whole semester!! I am going to do an entire post saying farewell to Roi-Et, but I wanted to document today, and my time here, with it’s own post.

DSCF2192I was treated to the graduation of my Kindergarten 3 class today. What a way to spend my last day. All of my Kindergarten 3 students passed their little exams, and robed up to graduate from Kindergarten to Prathom. Yes, you read that right, I said robed up. I was definitely one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

DSCF2203There is a lot or ceremony in Thailand for the littlest events. Most of me thinks it is ridiculous to have a graduation ceremony for such little children. None of them had any idea of what was going on really, and were dolled up to the max. As far as I could tell, the students didn’t mind being pulled and pushed for photos and to receive their certificates, and I am definitely glad it was them in the robes and not me, boy was it hot today!

DSCF2206There robes were literally little graduation robes like those we graduate from college/University in at home. They were just tiny! They were all carrying ‘bouquets’, even the boys. Instead of flowers, they had teddy bears with graduation hats, they just added to the adorable-ness of the whole thing.

DSCF2226I lost count of how many times I was asked to appear in photos with some of the students. I’m not surprised, I am their teacher and the token farang. It was a bit much when family were asking to take pictures with me, without their graduating child. Subtlety is not big in Thailand.

DSCF2191I think the little graduation ceremony is a fitting end to my time here. I have absolutely loved it; all the cheeky students, and the funny moments, and the mis-communications. The school has been really great. I have nothing to compare it to out here, but if I ever had the chance I would definitely come back! It’s made me reconsider doing this elsewhere in the future!

DSCF2193I’ll miss you!


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