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Friday Reads – Closing time….

I can’t believe I haven’t done one of these for a few weeks, oh well. 

Today is my last day in Roi-Et. Well, tonight is my last evening in Roi-Et. We’ve made the most of it, and it’s been awesome, as has the entire time in the city, and I am going to be a little sad to leave. I think the excitement is overshadowing the leaving part, which is good.

Leaving Roi-Et of course means travelling. I don’t think I will actually have much time to read this weekend. There’s going to be a lot of travelling and moving and seeing people, and not a lot of sitting around perusing the pages of a book, or the page turn of an e-reader.

frankensteinI am hoping to really get going on Frankenstein Mary Shelley this weekend. I’ve read a few of the letters at the beginning, but as Emma warned, I’m struggling a little actually getting into it. I’m determined to see it through though.

3 thoughts on “Friday Reads – Closing time….”

  1. Please please do persevere with Frankenstein. I hereby promise you that the epistolary bit is just the frame narrative device and once you get through Walton’s letters to his sister and into him actually learning about Victor’s story, it gets better!

    I hope that you have a safe journey out of Roi-Et and onwards to your next destination. 🙂


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