Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

toptentuesdayGuys, I am back on track and I am back on a Tuesday doing Top Ten Tuesday, with no extra weeks added on! This weeks theme is a bit of a biggy: Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books. Like an idiot, I have decided to take on more than I needed to, and I am going to do a Top Ten Likes and a Top Ten Dislikes, because y’know, why not?!

As always, a quick shout out to the lovely ladies over at Broke and Bookish.


  1. Slow builders: I like it when a romance is allowed to build, blossom, grow into a meaningful relationship. The tension and the
  2. Subplot romance: I don’t mind reading solely romance based books, but they are not and never will be my favourite genre. I like it when a romance is either minimally plot driven, or running along side the main storyline.
  3. Independence: There is nothing more refreshing in a book than when the romantic protagonists can function without each other. They don’t necessarily have to, it’s just nice when they aren’t all ‘I need you’.
  4. Shipping: I do like a good ship. There is something about shipping a pairing that are, or aren’t toegther, even when you have long closed a book.
  5. Happy endings: This doesn’t have to mean that they end up together, just that everyone involved is happy, or content, and that the ending is the best scenario for all involved.
  6. Helping Each other: I like it when characters bring the best out of each other, or if not the best, allow them to grow and become a ‘better’ person. This doesn’t have to be better in the sense they become nicer, or whatever, just more confident, and themselves. That’ll do.
  7. Badboys/Flawed Heroes: I guess this is an attraction to the idea, and is the embodiment of 3,4,5,6,8, and 9, so really it makes sense. I don’t want them to be abusive or completely horrible but..
  8. Banter: Humour, joking, banter, flirting; whatever is the description that fits this best, I like it. It adds something to the dynamic of the romance, and stops it being boring.
  9. Unlikely Pairings: This does not have to be richxpoor, jockxnerd, but just two people who are from different worlds and who connect.
  10. Connected pairings: I really like it when characters are in sync, on the same wavelength, and fit together. I guess this is really a branch of shipping, but with shipping it is my choice and mind that puts them together. I like it when characters and a romance are so well constructed that they just connect and work.


  1. Instalove: There is nothing realistic, or imaginative, about Instalove. It just happens, and is boring.
  2. Love Triangles: There is something about the indecisive nature of a love triangle that I just don’t appreciate.
  3. Romantic Holidays/Breaks: I get irritated by unnecessary romantic gestures, holidays, and breaks that are written in just because they can be, and because you can’t get the days off work to do it in real life, so you chuck it in a story. No.
  4. Non-con: Just no, simple as.
  5. Stalkers: There is nothing attractive about ‘I’ve seen you around and I’ve watched you’. Stalking is not a good thing people.
  6. Friends*Boom*In love: I don’t mind friends blossoming into lovers, and I don’t mind tragic events that causes platonic relationships to blossom into something more; I just hate the ‘oh I suddenly realise that I am in love with my best friend’ relationships.
  7. Unhappy endings: The opposite to the happy endings point, I hate unfinished romances, incorrect end pairings, unhappy unions, death, anything that doesn’t feel right.
  8. Possessiveness: I hate it when one, or both characters, are possessive over everything the other does, says, thinks.
  9. Cutesy Wutesy: I can’t be doing with little cute gestures, irritating soppy monologues, or over-sentimental scenes.
  10. Save the Heroine: There is nothing attractive about a woman who always needs saving and is reliant on a man (or vice versa for a hero) which is therefore going to mean the relationship is just not going to do it for me.

What do you love, and loathe, about romance in books?

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