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Friday Reads – February 6th

My Friday Reads are becoming more successful. After the travesty that was the first weekend, where absolutely nothing was read at all, and then last weekend where I read some of what I pledged to read, let’s hope this weekend actually sees me reach (and exceed….but lets not get too over-excited eh?) target.

flightThis weekend is going to be busy, and I mean BUSY. Like non-stop, so an awful lot busy. We got a free trip to Chiang Mai Flight of the Gibbon a few weeks ago after our experience in Bangkok. Whilst Bangkok, well technically Chonburi, Flight of the Gibbon was good, the lack of organization kind of put a dampner on an otherwise awesome experience. By way of apology, they said we could go to Chiang Mai, but unfortunately for us, it’s a 12 hour bus ride away. Well, the experience is worth THB3,599, so we weren’t going to turn it down, so like clever, clever, people, we’re getting an over night bus there tonight and they are collecting us from the bus station tomorrow morning. I’m excited. (just to clarify, I am excited about the flying not the bus. You probably guessed that but, I just wanted to make sure you knew!)

myanmarJade and I have also been told that we have to do a border run this weekend. We knew our visas ran out on Monday, but we were under the impression that AYC we going to have our non-immigrant B visas sorted by now. Apparently not. The nearest, and safest, border to cross from Chiang Mai is to Myanmar. I never thought I’d go to Burma in my life, let alone electively as the best option for a visa run, but I’m in Thailand now, so these things suddenly become reality. I’m looking forward to it, even if we won’t spend long there, it should be fascinating.

This means an 8 hour round trip from Chiang Mai however, so will fill the remaining day of our weekend. If they don’t allow us back in/there is an unspecified problem, blah blah, we are going to have to either fly from Chiang Mai out and back into Thailand, or we are going to have to fly from some city I don’t know in Myanmar back to Thailand. It’s so complicated and I have no idea quite what is going on, but for the sake of my sanity, and passport, I hope the round trip across the bridge will be successful. Then, after, we have the lovely 12 hour bus journey back, which at the moment is looking likely to be Sunday night. As I am in work on Monday morning, you can probably see why I  say a very full weekend, no time off, no time to rest, and no night off before work.

Anyway this post wasn’t meant to be about visa run rants or about Flight of the Gibbon, it’s a Friday reads post. As you can tell from the mammoth bus journeys, I should have quite a lot of opportunity to read this weekend, so I am going to set myself quite a large target.

Harry_Potter_and_the_Deathly_HallowsHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J K Rowling: No, these posts are not becoming a broken record, I have just been distracted form Harry Potter by other books. I have now started it though you will be pleased to know, I am about a third of the way through. Reading it this time has gone on long enough though now, I am ready to finish it and start something new.

frankensteinFrankenstein Mary Shelley: I have wanted to read this book since my friends in high school studied it for their A level exams. The Top Ten Tuesday post this week made me think about the classics I want to read and this, as well as the next book, are the two that I want to read first.

downloadTreasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson: This has been on before, a bit like Harry Potter, but the incentive to read it went whilst reading Paige Toon. My good friend Emma has told me that Treasure Island is one of the easier classics to start with, and has vowed to be reading partner as I attempt to plough my way through all the classic books I want/need to read, so I popped it back on here.

My favourite book
My favourite book

There has also been great news for me in the book world this week. My favourite book ever is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, who until now has only ever released that single book. A manuscript written pre-Mockingbird about Scout Finch and Maycomb has surfaced and is to be published in July this weekend; as far as I am aware, unedited since the 50’s. I hope the rumours of coercion etc. are not true, and that she did want to release it. I am looking forward to have a ‘sequel’ to Mockingbird to read. I fear it can only be a disappointment, what with the lack of editing and the fact it was shelved in order to write Mockingbird, but we shall see.


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