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The 140 Character Book Review – Magical Toons

These past couple of weeks have been devoid of activity since we arrived back from our visa run. Well no, I say devoid of activity, I really mean, devoid of productivity. I have been reading, quite a lot. I have been watching films and TV, quite a lot. I have been pottering in school teaching and helping, quite a lot. I have also signed up to take part in Live Below the Line again!

I have kept up with my new challenges set in my bookish resolutions post, and have been reading new books that cross different goals off from the challenge lists. I have been keeping my goodreads updated pretty well, and I have even taken up posting in the Friday reads and Top Ten Tuesday communities. Well, I have sort of, I completely forgot TTT this week, which I am disappointed about, but there is always next week.

My recent reads:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince J K Rowling: Still magical, still brilliant, still the best series ever written (imo!) Heartbreak everywhere though!

Lucy in The Sky Paige Toon: I get it, two guys, polar opposites, which will she choose. Light read, fairly well done, shame I don’t agree with her choice!

Johnny Be Good Paige Toon: Just didn’t take to it, I guess disliking the 3 main characters’ll do that. Not that bad, distinctly not great either. Love rhombus alert.

Chasing Daisy Paige Toon: Pointing out the obvious got a tad annoying, but a good twist on a love triangle with high-speed cars for good measure

Pictures of Lily Paige Toon: Unrequainted love, check. Love triangle, check. Cold-feet, check,. Inappropriate relationship, why the hell not? Pretty OK!

Baby Be Mine Paige Toon: A huge improvement on Johnny Be Good – I liked the characters. Possibly my favourite Toon tale so far. Maybe. Addictive.

What have you been reading recently?

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