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Time Flies

As another Friday rolls around and another week comes to an end, I’ve realised, I’ve almost finished in Roi-Et. It’s been great to meet lots of new people, experience new cultures and jobs, and to see new places, I absolutely cannot believe that time has gone this fast and that I have lived here for 3 months.

This morning, Jade and I were planning what we are going to do with our remaining weekends. Our initial plans see us visiting Chiang Mai, completing some form of visa run, seeing the city of Roi-Et properly, inviting the American’s over for a last hurrah before we leave, and packing up to continue our travels. It leaves a grand total of one weekend free, if we’re lucky. We seemed to have lots of time to do things a few weeks ago, and suddenly time is disappearing before our eyes.

This morning, I was writing the date (Jan 23rd) on the white board at the beginning of class and thought ‘I only have 5 weeks of teaching left.’ This 5 weeks is still an approximation, but the sentiment still stands. 5 weeks of teaching still feels like quite a lot until I think, that is a maximum of 4 and a half hours teaching left with each class. Not much time at all when its viewed like that. I had so many grand plans of what I was going to teach the students, and now, time is literally slipping through my fingers. There are entire topics I am never going to broach!

I am really going to miss the school, the students, and the teaching. It took me a while to settle in here, and it took me a few weeks to find my stride and get into the teaching itself, but now, I can’t really imagine not doing it. It will be strange to leave and never see everyone here again or hear how they are doing! As much as I can’t wait to travel onwards and leave to see new places, I am quite gutted I won’t be able to stay here more than one term.

Thinking onwards however, we have really started to amp up the planning for Australia and beyond. We;re excited about getting to Perth and seeing Marc and Helen, but this portion of our journey is already mapped out and sorted, so it’s the East Coast we have focused on. Having looked into almost every option, we’re thinking of hiring a camper van (don’t worry Dad, I’m not about to turn into a hippie) in Cairns, and driving all the way to Melbourne. Our flight from Perth to Cairns will begin 5/6 weeks of sightseeing everywhere we want to go to down the coast; it allows us much more freedom than the bus would!

Once we leave Melbourne, we are going to hop over to Auckland for a couple of days (literally, only a stop off.) I have a variety of friends who are either living over there permanently, or are on extended holidays there, so it would be great to get a chance to see them as well as a little of New Zealand. It’s a real shame we won’t have longer there. Oh well.

And then it is off to USA. We have this bit planned whilst simultaneously have no idea what we are doing. Again, we have looked into the variety of travel options, and this time think that the trains are the best option for us. Amtrak offer a really good 18-section rail pass that we are thinking of getting, which should allow us to visit about 80% of the things we want to see. Not bad really, we have to leave things to go back for, right?!

I think the next few weeks are going to race by. We have a lot to sort, lots of bookings to make, things to pay for, and visas to sort, not to mention actually having a good time while we’re still here. I’say time flies when you have fun but….time flies no matter what you’re doing it would seem!

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