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The 140 character book review – Bout of Books 12 Recap

I have had an incredibly busy couple of weeks; a couple of weeks that could only ever happen in Thailand. From monkey bites to ziplining, sunflowers to visa runs, Bout of Books to New Years Eve. It really has been wonderfully jam-packed!

Throughout this time, I have read. I mean really read. I have been shifting through books at quite a rate. I’ve had ample free time on an assortment of public transports, visa runs, and free lessons, so I’ve been doing something I enjoy with the time.

As fun as reading for pleasure is, it’s been really great to be involved with a community of readers again. I know Bout of Bookers are always floating around and (probably) willing to chat about the pages, but it’s nice when there is an event that brings us all together. Despite being out of whack with the read-a-thon’ timings all the way in Thailand, I have felt more involved than ever. I managed to complete all the challenges, I updated fairly regularly every day, and I read a decent amount. I may have altered my TBR as I went (which I am going to count as cheating-lite) but I still read 5 books during the week-long event, which overall I am happy about. I can’t wait for Bout of Books 13 in May already!

In a bid to keep up with my New years, and my Bookish resolutions, I have already updated Goodreads, and have decided to do my 140 character reviews before too many books are added to the review pile. It’s already big enough!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone J K Rowling: Magical book in all senses of the word, fantastic opener to an awesome series. I want to be there,I want my letter,I want to be a part of it

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J K Rowling: A great second book, my favourite of the series, more fantastical, more magical, a child’s get-a-way in print. Awesome.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J K Rowling: Slightly darker, more gritty, and Voldemort-less, but so well woven. A brilliant story and some great character introductions

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J K Rowling: For me, the weak one of the series, required more editing, but still the weak link in a strong strong series, more competitive, more adult.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J K Rowling: Again, requires more editing, (Grawp anyone?) but more interesting and deep than the fourth. Definitely straying from Children’s fiction

Out of the Blue Belinda Jones: A holiday romance in a beautiful location, shrouded in myths, adventures, and confusion. A beach read if ever there was one!

I Love Capri Belinda Jones: Vividly described, and well-told, if a little hectic. The best male choice shouldn’t ever be the 7yr old boy though. Still a fun read

The Paradise Room Belinda Jones:Desert island setting, beach affairs, jewellery galore, rich and attractive men, all the right  ingredients, but not cooked to perfection

I’ve really been shaking up the authors there, haven’t I! I am debating whether it is worth doing a monthly TBR again. As much as I dismissed it when I tried it for September last year, I think it makes me read new books rather than revisiting old ones (not that you can tell above, but Harry Potter is the exception to the Rule!) I have enjoyed making a goal and sticking to it, so maybe I should retry it. That is if I don’t decide to go off and read all the other books I can get my hands on written by an author I now like (ahem, look above at the surge in Belinda Jones Novels read!!)


6 thoughts on “The 140 character book review – Bout of Books 12 Recap”

    1. I think that was the best bit about Bout of Books 12 for me. I actually felt part of the whole thing and got to chat to some new people! I hope you had an awesome week!


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