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Bout of Books – Day 6

In Thailand, every year they have Children’s day on the second Saturday in January. For all those Maths whizz’s that means today. Today is children’s day. The park/lake in town is holding a big event for schools, and all the children are going to be there. Which if course means, so are the teachers. It’s a little strange getting ready to go to work on a Saturday for a job that’s normally Monday to Friday! I have absolutely no clue what today will entail, I just know there will be a lot of Thai children running, singing, and dancing, and that there will be stalls (I have heard a fabulous rumour that one will be offering free ice-cream) dotted around the place that each school is responsible for.

It was really great to have two of our ‘Thai’ friends round to our place last night (by Thai, I mean friends in Thailand – they’re American). We haven’t really been round to their houses loads of anything, but we always go to them if there is something on, and never the other way around. It made for a nice change, and meant we didn’t have to worry about how to get home, and they didn’t worry about not drinking much so they could drive us home safely. Win win.

There is a lot of planning that has to go into his week for school (which reminds me, I need tot submit mine) and so I think our afternoon will be spent drawing bits from the body and clothes for different seasons. I am getting a bit more into the swing of the panning and teaching lark now and I think Jade is to. Her idea for different seasons is really good! I might steal it later, the kids in my school would love it.


7:30pm: I did a little more reading last night before bed and I am now 90% of the way done with I Love Capri. Today is going to be mad busy, so I think there will be limited reading opportunities. It should be a really good day though.

3pm: So far, today has been pretty busy. I’ve been to ‘work’ at children’s day, which should probably be renamed to ‘use your children to get as much free stuff as we can carry and then go back for more’ day. It was good though! We’ve also been to Big C where we got pizza, paid my money in for my degree translation, and submitted lesson plans for this week.

Oh, and I’ve done a spot of Bout of Books stuff too. I have finished I love Capri – yey – and I have completed one of today’s challenges (definitely the easier one.) I now really want to go to Capri, just like Jade, but more than that, just want to back to Italy. I’ve seen Venice, Rome, and Florence; such a beautiful and enchanting country!

10pm: Today has been a reading nightmare; i’ve barely looked at a book all day. As you do, I’m now watching Mamma Mia instead of reading Order of the Phoenix. We have a long bus journey and waiting around day tomorrow for our visa run, so I am sure I will be able to get to the end of Harry Potter then if I pay attention.

I’m struggling with the second challenge today. I’ve completed them all so far, and want to keep the 100% streak going, but I just don’t know what to do/what to write. I’ve still got a couple of hours left.

11:30pm: I’ve done it! I did the challenge. I’ve (nervously) posted it below.


Screenshot 2015-01-10 at 15.16.09Today’s first challenge comes from the ladies at Gone with the Words. It really is gloriously simple, choose a quote from the book you’re currently reading. This was easy for me, as the quote I have chosen made me laugh and stayed in my memory.

The second challenge comes courtesy of Faye at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts. I’m not going to lie, as great a challenge as this is, it’s the first one I haven’t really liked. I don’t really write often, and even when I do no one reads it, ever. Add that to my lack of creativity, and I have felt pretty rubbish about this one all day.

I can’t keep putting it off though, I want to complete this Bout of Books, including regular updates, a decent reading amount, and all the challenges, so I have no choice, I need to do it.

I have chosen Out of the Blue because it had potential to create something far removed from the themes of Belinda Jones’s novel. I’ve included Amazon’s blurb for her book first, then posted my alternate synopsis-some-short story opening.

I hope you enjoy.

Out of the Blue Belinda Jones

Selena Harper always thought she had the perfect job: working on a luxury cruiseship, she’s whisked around the world from Alaska to Zanzibar with excitement and adventure awaiting her in every port. But as she prepares for her latest shore-leave – and finds herself unexpectedly deserted by her newly-engaged best friend – she begins to wonder if life on the ocean wave really is her dream come true. Why is she the only one who isn’t settling down? And how can she be feeling homesick when she has no home?

On a whim, she agrees to spend a week on the idyllic island of Crete, in the company of Alekos, a man she’s convinced is an incorrigible womaniser. Steeped in mythology, the island soon starts to work its magic on Selena – and, more worryingly, so does Alekos. Is he really the cad she’s always thought him to be? Or could it turn out that his home is where her heart is?

Out of the Blue 

Dear Tom,

64 days since contact: There has been no reported attacks in three days, a new record. Not that it matters, I’m not going anywhere near the city. The last few survivors have boarded themselves in Media City, reporting on the war-zone outside their safe confines. The plague has changed everyone, friends turning on friends and family turning on family.

As hard as it as to say goodbye to everything, and everyone, I have ever known, I had to do it. I had to survive. I had to live. I know I made the right choice. Home is no longer home, I have to make it on my own.

But it’s hard on your own, foraging for food, building shelter, and keeping an eye on your own back. You can never tell when danger could strike, what could be lurking over  the hill or round the riverbend.

Here’s to silence and solitude.

Dear Tom,

0 days since contact: I can hear him moving above me and see his shadow creeping along the wall. I can hear him calling out and see him routing through my stockpile. I can hear desperation in his voice and see his ruined clothes.

If I can hear and see him…he can hear and see me.

Who is he? Should I answer him?

Is he infected?


I hope you Bout of Books is going well and that you’re enjoying reading, doing the challenges, and getting involved. Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “Bout of Books – Day 6”

  1. Sorry to hear my challenge has made you upset :(. You don’t have to write a story for it but just a brief synopsis, if that helps.


    1. No! I don’t want you to think it’s made me upset, it’s a brilliant challenge, I just don’t know what to write! My mind has gone completely blank, I can’t even pick which title I am going to use. I will get it done, I like feeling more involved, and it’s as good a chance as any to actually write something that someone else may read 🙂

      I’m sorry if you thought I was criticising your challenge 😦


      1. No it’s okay. Misinterpretation all around I think!

        Your story was really interesting and definitely made me curious! It was a very good read. Thanks for participating in the challenge! 🙂



      2. Misinterpretation all round, I like it, I think that definitely happened here!
        Thanks, I don’t know where it came from, I’ve never read anything like that/had any desire to write anything like that, it just appeared on the page after I had typed! It was a fun challenge, thanks for hosting it!



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