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Bout of Books – Day 5

I’m just going to get straight in there with the important stuff. Yesterday, we made fajitas. And not ‘we gave it a go but they don’t have anything to make it properly here’ fajitas, actual flipping fajitas. They were as marvellous a I could have hoped they would be.

Yesterday was actually just a good day all round. I lost it in front of a class – not shouting though, giggling – after two students did a stupid dance/slap off and I couldn’t stop myself laughing. At the front. When I was supposed to be leading a game of ‘Teacher says…’ and singing ‘Heads, shoulder, knees, and toes’. And I read, really read. I shifted through around 200 pages of Order of the Phoenix, and read the whole of Out of the Blue!

Yesterday makes up for my Wednesday this week. My naughtiest class closes out my Wednesday afternoon, and they were on top form this week. They had done something to my chair so that when i sat on it, I fell straight through. To be fair to the, it was both clever and hilarious, but you just can’t laugh when your students do that to you unfortunately.

I am scheduled to have my third rabies injection today. I still can’t believe there are 5 in total for the most pathetic little bite ever. I mean, it’s so tiny it barely broke the skin. Barely being the key word, if it hadn’t I wouldn’t have to bother with all this.

Anyway, on with Bout of Books…


7am: I am feeling bleary eyed, and less than bushy tailed this morning, but I’m hoping to have a decent day once again! Last night, i debated whether it was cheating to alter your TBR at this stage; today I am glad I’ve done it. Why not, it’s my TBR and my goals after all! It’s helping me continue with Harry Potter (I think I always forget how much editing could have happened in the fourth fifth book) which is good, because I want to get them all read now. Who knows, I may even fancy reading Pop Goes the Weasel by tomorrow anyways.

10:30am: At the speed I am going through I Love Capri I may still have time to read all the books on my TBR even with the late addition. Result. I don’t really like the fact that the kindle app registers progress in percentage rather than pages read, I much prefer play books. I shouldn’t complain though, I can travel with a library this way!

1:30pm: I love Capri is disappearing faster than this trip. A very scary thought that!! I’m considering  using it for today’s challenge. Jade was right, the description is insane. Belinda Jones has a knack of making the locations in her books sound so appealing that you want to board the next flight. Still think bi preferred Out of the Blue though.

In pages, or percentage read, I’m half way through Harry Potter and 75℅ done with I love Capri. Not to shoddy.

10pm: Oooo it’s been a long time of not updating today, my bad. I’ve not wasted the time like, but I haven’t read either. I’ve drawn my picture – my dream designer dress – I’ve looked into the trip to Laos we need to take this weekend, and we have had friends over for a few drinks, which was really lovely. Next door even popped over to give us some food again, nice of him!

Oh, and I completed the challenge, which you can see posted below, so check it out!


Today’s picture storyboard challenge comes via Kate and Kristen over at The Book Monsters. I feel like I have said this everyday, but today’s really was awesome. I love pictures and art, I think my resolution tells you that, and so it really appealed.

My biggest dilemma was choosing between I Love Capri and Out of the Blue to post pictures and a storyboard, because both books are set in such picturesque locations and have such visual descriptions that the story comes to life in your imagination.

I ended up going with I Love Capri because I’m currently reading it and I know how much Jade wants to go there, so she helped a little choosing the pictures.

I Love Capri storyboard picture challenge
I Love Capri storyboard picture challenge

10 thoughts on “Bout of Books – Day 5”

  1. Yay I’m so glad you’re doing Bout of Books again – living vicariously through you on this front now too! 😛

    Also, on the Kindle app, if you click on the bit on the bottom left where it says your percentage read, it *should* change to either Location No. or Page x of x. I was so relieved when I found that adjustment.


    1. Bout of Books has been seriously awesome, even over here in Thailand out of whack with everyone else’s posts, the twitter chats, and being ahead of the time that the days are scheduled to start.

      I need to investigate that because it does my head in that I can’t see page numbers. I will look into it as soon as I start reading tonight!

      You keep living vicariously, it makes me think this whole blog is worthwhile then!


    1. You should. Her books are pretty good (well what ones I have read). The thing that stands out for me is the rich descriptions she uses of the places, she must really research them before she goes. If you’ve been, I’d imagine it would be even better!

      That, and there are some really awesome characters, namely a 7-year old boy called Nino, nicknamed Ringo. I don’t think I’ve ever read about a smoother kid lol!


  2. I have to agree that fajita’s is the important part! Yummy!

    Your updates about your class made me both chuckle and get really nervous. I’m currently taking a teaching degree… and I’m gradually learning that children are fun little creatures. Unless you’re teacher.

    Good luck over the weekend. x


    1. They were so good, I think most probably since we had gone without so long. We had proper cheese and everything!

      They can be little rascals at times, but it is a great and rewarding job! A teaching degree will set you up better than I was so I am sure you will encounter little trouble like that, and if you do, laugh it off, it wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened. I m sure you will be fantastic, but just in case you need it, good luck!

      Have a great weekend x


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